Swamp coolers are one of the most cost-effective ways to accomplish cooling of any building, primarily because they use much less power than a traditional air conditioning system. If you’re looking for a really inexpensive swamp cooler, some portable units can be purchased for less than $100. Still, you should not expect these to cool an entire household, nor should you expect years of service from them.

The information contained below will identify some of the best available swamp coolers that carry relatively inexpensive price tags and are still highly efficient and capable of doing a great job of cooling.

How Much Does a Swamp Cooler Cost?

Generally speaking, you can count on paying somewhere between $1,400 and $3,449 to have a swamp cooler installed in your home or place of business. That means the average cost for installing a swamp cooler will be approximately $2,500, with labor costs accounting for approximately $70 an hour of that project.

If you’re installing a swamp cooler for your place of business or owning a larger home, you can expect to be at the high end of this price range. You may even exceed the range for a larger facility.

There are generally two ways that an evaporative cooler can be installed, those being on the ground or as a roof unit. Installation for either type will be approximately the same in cost. However, labor costs for installing a roof unit will generally be higher, simply because it’s a longer and more difficult installation process.

It will also be necessary to create a hole in the roof where the unit will be situated so that it can also increase the cost of a roof unit. Expect to pay more for installing an evaporative cooler if you don’t already have a network of ducts in your home or business place because ductwork will be necessary for the transmission of conditioned air throughout the building.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

The cost to install central air conditioning in a typical home or business place will range anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000, with the higher cost generally associated with a larger air conditioning unit. The range just mentioned is a very broad price range. Your installation project will depend on your location, the specific kind of air conditioning unit that you require, and the status of your duct network.

There are four main factors involved in determining the price of any air conditioning installation. These are the pre-installation evaluation, the status of your ductwork and its design, the actual air conditioning unit, and the labor and installation cost.

The pre-installation evaluation will generally involve a Manual J load calculation, which will determine the appropriate sizing for the unit to be installed in any given building. This will be important because having the right-sized unit for your residence or business will allow it to run at peak efficiency.

The design and condition of your ductwork will also be a potential source of cost, especially if you have no ductwork. In some cases, the existing ductwork is inadequate to handle the proper transfer of conditioned air to each room of a building. It will need to be upgraded. The cost of the air conditioning unit itself will depend on the manufacturer, the cooling capability of the unit, and the size of the air conditioner.

Labor and installation costs will depend on the contractor you hire to install the unit unless it is included with the purchase price from the vendor you bought. Generally speaking, you can count on the cost of installing an air conditioning system to be roughly twice the cost of installation for an evaporative cooler module.

7 Best Cheap Swamp Coolers

The cost of the evaporative coolers listed below is generally commensurate with the area in which they are capable of cooling. A single room unit will cost considerably less than a cooler, which can maintain temperature for an entire household. Here are some of the best of the inexpensive swamp coolers:

  1. Champion Cooler – the 4700 CFM 2-speed window swamp cooler can cool off 1600 ft.² of space and be purchased for approximately $700.
  2. Arctic Air Ultra – this is a 76 CFM portable swamp cooler which can cool off 45 ft.² of space, and is available for a mere $40.
  3. Portacool Cyclone 160 – an 8000 CFM portable swamp cooler capable of cooling 2100 ft.² of space, retailing for approximately $2000.
  4. Frigidaire 500 CFM – a unique 4-speed swamp cooler capable of wide-angle oscillation, and can manage 250 ft.² of cool space, available at $175.
  5. Honeywell 1540–2471 – an outdoor portable evaporative cooler that features a triple-sided honeycomb cooling pad and capable of cooling 2000 ft.² of space. This unit can be purchased for approximately $600 and can be re-positioned as needed.
  6. Industrial evaporative coolers from Premier Industries Inc. – these high-powered swamp coolers are rated between 1000 CFM and 60,000 CFM, with even larger units available upon request. Units can be customized to meet the specific needs of business clients for any application.
  7. Residential evaporative coolers from Premier Industries Inc. – units can be sized to the specific requirements of any household. They will save homeowners tons of money on utility bills.

Affordable and High-Quality Swamp Coolers for Your Home

If your home or business would benefit by having much lower utility bills, while also having better indoor air quality through efficient cooling, you would certainly appreciate having an evaporative cooler installed at your residence or business. Contact us at Premier Industries Inc. to inquire about our extensive line of commercial or residential swamp coolers, or to obtain a quote for your specific requirements.

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