Drone piloting isn’t child’s play, and becoming a proficient drone operator takes a lot of practice. This is where reputable pilot schools and courses can come in handy.

They offer comprehensive drone courses with varying durations and costs to suit your needs and budget. They also provide valuable hands-on training and practical knowledge to help you confidently navigate the sky.

Getting Started

drone flight schools

Drone implementation is on the rise with individuals and businesses across the globe. With that implementation comes the need to train your staff to operate drones and get them up to speed with the latest technology. With drones being a new business tool, choosing a quality training organization is important. The question is, how do you know which one is right for your company? There are many factors to consider when selecting drone pilot schools.

Select a reputable drone training provider by checking online reviews and seeking a money-back guarantee. Look for a course that covers essential drone exam topics like flight operations, pre-flight checklists, and airspace research. Opt for a course with both live and online instruction.

Most drone courses require a computer to view the content, but some can be accessed on mobile phones. You will also want to find out how long the course lasts and whether or not it includes a drone flight simulator. Also, check out what types of certifications the drone training provider offers.

Some schools offer specialized drone training for certain industries. For example, some may offer a course in aerial photography and videography. Others may specialize in commercial drone operations or aerial mapping and modeling. This way, you can gain the skills necessary to work in the industry you are most interested in.

Another great option for drone training is to attend a university that offers a minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). For instance, Troy University offers a UAS minor as part of its Aviation Technology degree program, available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Choosing a School

Choosing a Drone School

With drones becoming increasingly important in everyday life and finding uses across various industries, from agriculture to real estate to emergency response services, there is a huge demand for certified drone pilots. This has led to the emergence of drone pilot schools – educational establishments that offer the technical know-how and legal requirements for flying drones.

Drone piloting isn’t something you can learn overnight, and a good drone school will have a well-rounded curriculum. It will cover everything from a comprehensive course to prepare for the FAA Part 107 exam to hands-on drone training sessions that allow you to apply the theory you have learned. The best drone schools will also have a money-back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with their curriculum quality and teaching.

Online drone schools have become popular for students because of their convenience and affordability. Many courses offer a flexible schedule and can be accessed from various devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They also often include a mobile app with access to additional study materials, and most provide lifetime access to their course content. This allows students to study at their own pace and focus on the areas where they need improvement.

Many online drone flight schools are user-friendly, with courses for different skill levels. For instance, Phoenix Drone Flight School offers beginner and advanced courses, ensuring Part 107 exam preparation and certification. These courses are comprehensive, time-efficient, and come with a money-back guarantee. To pick a drone school, read reviews and seek high satisfaction rates. Look for schools with trial periods for a test run before enrolling.

Getting a License

drone pilot schools

Anyone who wants to fly drones professionally needs a drone license, also called a commercial drone pilot certificate. This license is mandatory for all drone operations in the United States that generate revenue, regardless of whether they are conducted by a corporation, government agency, or private individual. You must pass an FAA aeronautical knowledge test to obtain a drone license. The test covers aviation weather theory, flight restrictions for drones, drone performance loading, radio communication procedures, and aeronautical decision-making. The test takes two hours and is offered at more than 150 nationwide testing centers.

You’ll need a photo ID and proof of your address to take the exam. You can get a photo ID at your local post office, while you can find an FAA-approved test center by entering your zip code into the FAA website. To be certified, you must pass the test with a 70% or higher score.

The FAA will issue you a temporary remote pilot certificate for two years. Once you pass the exam again, you’ll receive your permanent drone license in the mail. However, you must also undergo recurrent training every 24 months. The industry and regulations constantly evolve, and you must stay current.

Apart from certification requirements, you should be aware of other factors. For instance, you must be 16 and have strong English skills. The FAA mandates English proficiency to understand drone operation laws. For a drone career, join Drone Pro Academy’s online course. It provides test prep, practice questions, and video tutorials. This top US drone school offers a money-back guarantee for test success.

Getting a Job

drone pilot schools

For those who wish to make a career out of drone flying, it is important to receive specialized training. Many courses are available, ranging from aerial photography to commercial drone flight services. Specialized training can help you stand out in the job marketplace and find the ideal opportunity.

If you’re serious about getting a job as a drone pilot, then it’s crucial to network. This can be done in person or through online platforms like social media. It’s also a good idea to join LinkedIn groups or forums related to drone flight. By networking, you’ll be able to connect with people who are in need of a skilled drone pilot. Consider Embry-Riddle’s course, renowned for producing the most pilot cadets nationwide. They provide a drone certification program, a pathway to an aviation career.

In addition to preparing students for the FAA Part 107 exam, this course provides practical drone flight skills training. It includes a 12-page cram sheet that effectively consolidates exam knowledge and weekly live Zoom webinars for additional support. It also comes with a 30-day refund guarantee, meaning you can try the course without risking your money.

This drone school focuses on teaching students how to use the DJI Phantom 3 series of aircraft. Its comprehensive curriculum includes a detailed overview of camera settings, drone flight modes, gimbal balancing, and video editing basics. It’s perfect for beginners just starting in drone photography and experienced drone pilots looking to elevate their skill set.

Embry-Riddle provides three certification program options. The cheapest is $297 with 5 practice exams and 2-year course access. For $327, get extra practice tests and flight tips. The $525 top-tier package offers personalized one-on-one training with an expert for quick career advancement.

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