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Adele, renowned for her soulful voice and captivating performances, is gearing up for a new chapter outside the music realm. Fresh from her Las Vegas residency, the songstress is diving into the beauty industry with her very own cosmetics line under the banner of The Shelbourne Collective.

A Smokey-Eyed Affair: Recreating Adele’s Signature Look

The focal point of Adele’s beauty venture lies in eyeshadows and thick eyeliner. Furthermore, fans, eager to emulate her famously smokey eyes, can anticipate a range of products crafted to capture the essence of Adele’s distinctive look. Drawing inspiration from the makeup artist who works magic on her eyes, the singer aims to offer enthusiasts the tools to replicate her iconic style.

Beyond Eyes: The Complete Beauty Ensemble

Adele’s company, The Shelbourne Collective, will showcase not only eye makeup but also a variety of beauty essentials, including body care products like creams and lotions, lipsticks, lip balms, perfumes, as well as jewelry, watches, and underwear. The diverse offerings reflect Adele’s foray into what her new company officially terms “specialized design activities.”

Following in the Footsteps of Musical Beauty Moguls

Adele joins a league of musical icons, venturing into the lucrative beauty world. Following in the footsteps of Rihanna, whose billion-dollar cosmetics brand, and Ariana Grande, who established a successful range within just two years, the songstress turned entrepreneur draws inspiration from these achievements. Moreover, the potential for Adele’s cosmetics line extends beyond beauty, with hopes that she might share groundbreaking makeup tips with her global audience.

Behind the Scenes: Adele’s Beauty Routine Revealed

Intriguingly, rumors circulate about Adele’s makeup routine. According to Radio 2 DJ Scott Mills, the singer provides her makeup artist with a key to her home, allowing them to work their magic while she sleeps. Suppose Adele’s forthcoming makeup line can deliver a beauty regimen that resonates with all. In that case, it’s poised to redefine morning routines and become a lucrative venture for the artist. As Adele steps into the beauty realm, fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of products that encapsulate her timeless elegance.

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