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At its most basic level concept of insurance is pretty easy to understand. Bad things happen, but not happen to everyone. If everyone contributes to a centralized fund meant to compensate those who have lost as a result of unfortunate events, then everyone is covered – or insured – in case it happens to them. There are several insurance policies and each is categorized as home insurance, autos insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and health insurance

Concept of Insurance And Its Importance

The concept of insurance is thousands of years old, with evidence of developed methods of distributing risk found in the historical record of several ancient civilizations. However, advances in risk assessment, as well as the changing nature of society itself, have warranted a further refinement of the insurance industry, with policies becoming individualized and specific in terms of their coverage.

With this in mind, it’s important for people in the modern age need to understand what a particular insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover. This knowledge will help to identify the importance of various policies as well as encourage more folks to sign up for insurance they may otherwise consider unnecessary.

⇨ Auto:

Auto insurance
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While automobiles are safer than ever before. The process of driving remains highly risky in terms of the potential for damage caused to people and property. That’s why auto insurance This almost universally required by law. Full coverage refers to a policy that protects against damage regardless of who is at fault. Whereas liability insurance only covers the damage caused by the policyholder. It’s important to note auto insurance does not cover mechanical failures, faulty car parts, and other problems with the vehicle itself.

⇨ Home:

home insurance
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While homeowners insurance not required for those who own their home outright, virtually every mortgage lender on the planet requires borrowers to have a policy. Whether you’ve paid off your mortgage or not, coverage is still highly recommended. The list of what comes with homeowners’ insurance includes things like damage caused by theft or natural disasters.

Replacement of property in the event of a natural disaster (other than floods), compensation for stolen assets like jewelry and other valuables. And protection in the event someone seriously injured on your property.

⇨ Health:

Health insurance
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The majority of countries on earth have a single-payer health insurance system, wherein citizens have access to healthcare via coverage provided through the government, instead of being funded by monthly premiums, this form of health insurance paid via taxes. In the USA and many other countries, private companies play a more significant role in the health insurance market.

Generally speaking, health insurance covers individuals when they need medical care ranging from sprained ankles to open-heart surgery. Individuals with health insurance are expected to pay a fraction of the cost of the medical care they receive. Or sometimes nothing at all. Contrast this with the prospect of owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to doctors and hospitals. And the importance of health insurance becomes apparent.

⇨ Life:

Life insurance
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Not many people like to think about their mortality, but the truth is we’re all going to die someday. The day is likely decades away for those in the prime of their lives. There’s always a chance a catastrophic accident or unexpected illness leads to an untimely death. That is where life insurance comes to play a role.

A life insurance policy provides beneficiaries with a payout in the event the individual named in the policy dies. This is especially necessary for situations where the deceased was the breadwinner of a family.

⇨ Conclusion

Insurance is one of the things that we don’t assume about until we need it. It’s easy to consider a waste of money if you aren’t aware of how important insurance is to society. Without it, people would be on the hook financially for bad things that happened to them by accident. They’d also be unable to enjoy life to the fullest, given the heavy consequences of the “what ifs” involved. Insurance ultimately provides stability for society and peace of mind for individuals.

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