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Divorce is the separation of a married couple either by law or by the act of consent or agreement. Divorced parents basically separate their ways and many of them may or may not be communicating together after the divorce thus cutting the channel of parent-child communication too. The separation brings either long term or short term effect which of which disturbs the children negatively or passively though more negatively. According to Petroske Law, It highly discourages and gives the approach to divorce and family where it provides good choices on matters of family.

Divorce And Social Behavior:

Divorce and social behaviour
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Divorce may disturb the child’s sociability together with the behavioral characteristic of the child. Most of the children develop the mindset of being violent in their growth. They may grow to be criminals and radicles in their nature. Others may have difficulty in socializing since they had seen the differences in their parents and hence the parting away of his parents brings the more negative effect of living with other children. Indeed, this is disturbing the child in her or his social and behavioral nature which should be developed by parents.

* Relationship:

A child is not stagnant in his growing. He will be the parent of tomorrow. Therefore the child upon growing would have problems in maintaining his/her relationship with others Just because of the divorce of his parents. These relationships involve marriage, groups, and friends. Since had the developed effect of living as single then amicably this would induce him/her to be working on his/her ways. Preferring living alone would be his part of life.

* Education Performance:

Education Performance
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Another way in which divorce disturbs your child is lagging behind of education and his academic achievement. He may lack the proper methods of guidance and supportive team which include the parents. The child would be disturbed in that he will not be getting the adequate education support which provides for fees payment, guidance, and counseling from the parent, security of the child and the advocate of the child who is the parent would not be available.

* Drug Abuse:

Dwelling on the disturbing the child due to divorce is the effect of use substance due to lack of proper guidance and counseling. When the parents living together, the child will not use the drugs due to either fear or knowledge. He may have obtained from the parents. Single or no parents to the attention of the child would amicably lead to the usage of the hard substances. Two are better than one, and hence the lack of parental care which involves the two couple would lead to waste of the child.

* Stress:

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Stress is the most adverse effect which will really disturb the child. He will be stressed from the view of how his parents are living after divorce. Say for instance the child living with the father as the parent. Most of the dad may not be so much keen on the child as compared to the mother. The child will be exposed to stress due to lack of parental togetherness. He will be missing her or his other parent to be on his presence. He will be emotionally disturbed and be on stress.

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