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Whether you want to append a touch of individuality to your summer basics or compliment a formal outfit, jewelry is a great way to set your summer look apart from the rest. That said, learning how to choose jewelry that compliments your summer wardrobe isn’t as easy as it seems. Since we tend to wear fewer layers in summer, any jewelry you wear will have more of an impact, so it’s essential to get it right.

Want to see how to pick out the perfect jewelry styles for outfits you love to wear in summer? Keep reading to find out!

★ Stay True to Your Style:

We spend much of the year bundled up in thick and cozy layers, and it’s only natural to want to embrace lighter fabrics and brighter colors in summer.

The change of season can sometimes leave us unsure of what jewelry to wear with our more carefree summer wardrobes. But have a close look, and you’ll see that your favorite outfits across the seasons share common themes such as androgynous, tailored, or feminine. Likewise, your most worn jewelry pieces will be those which evoke and complement these themes.

By wearing the dress that makes you feel good and jewelry that’s true to your style, you’ll look great whatever the weather. For example, if you love ’90s-style jewelry pieces in winter, these can work just as well in summer with slip dresses and cycling shorts as they do with plaid shirts and mom jeans.

Selecting unique pieces by a handmade jewelry designer can also help you stay true to your style. By opting for something more unique and personal, it’s easier to find pieces that match your sense of style.

★ Accessorize for the Occasion:

Accessorize for the Occasion
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Although we dream of hitting the beach as soon as the temperatures soar, the unfortunate truth is the most of us have to work throughout the summer.

This can often mean finding ways to stay cool while sticking to your company’s smart shirts and pants dress code. Likewise, while summer jewelry brings to mind colorful bangles, shell anklets, and boho statement earrings, these are far from office-appropriate.

Whatever the season, it’s important to match your jewelry to the occasion. If you are working in the office with a strict dress code, conservative and minimal jewelry works best with summer tailoring and other warm-weather office attire. The same goes for some summer events, such as galas and more formal weddings.

It’s still possible to express yourself by choosing your favorite stones, shapes, and metals. But stick to minimal studs and delicate necklaces when choosing jewelry to match more conservative summer outfits.

★ Complement Your Clothing:

summer necklace for top
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When dress codes do not constrict you, it can be tempting to go all out with your summer jewelry. But it’s important to choose jewelry that compliments your summer outfits and to avoid combinations that clash.

For example, a striped dress or an animal print romper won’t need much accessorizing. You should especially avoid wearing a long necklace over bold prints, ruffles, and other details, as this will look too busy. Instead, create harmony with a bold pair of earrings or a plain cuff.

Long necklaces and layered chains do, however, work well with basic summer outfits like denim cut-offs and a plain tee. But make sure to take your neckline into account so that your necklace doesn’t hit your top in the wrong place and create a distraction.

★ Tap Into New Trends:

If you have a limited summer outfit budget, adding new pieces to your jewelry collection is a fun and most affordable way to tap into modern trends. What’s more, adding fashion-forward jewelry to your summer wardrobe will give your basics an instant upgrade.

This summer, statement necklaces are a key trend to look out for. Whether you go for an eye-catching wooden choker or a long beaded pendant, super bold styles like these are perfect for adding life to plain tanks and simple cotton dresses.

Gold hoops are also huge this summer, in more ways than one. Go big and bold to add a subtle ’70s twist to denim shorts and a bodysuit. If chic and classic is more your style, drape a string of pearls over a white tank and black skater skirt.

Brooches have also made an unexpected comeback this season. For some serious vintage vibes, pin one of your grandmother’s brooches onto a boxy denim jacket or a white linen blazer.

★ Mix and Match:

Mix and Match
Image by: Pixabay

Mixing metals to combine warm and cool jewelry is perfect for adding a fashion-forward edge to a simple summer look. Feel free to play with different materials such as wood, resin, and pearls too. And combining different sizes and shapes can give an individual twist to an understated ensemble.

Don’t think that you have to stick to certain jewelry styles for outfits to look right for summer, either. In the same way that a wool coat can make a sporty ensemble look more put-together or sneakers can tone down a dressier look, jewelry can help create interest through contrast.

For example, you might consider a chunky chain too much with a floaty dress. But the contrast adds some much-needed edge to an overly feminine look. On the same lines, boho earrings or a shell necklace can bring personality to a t-shirt dress or simple slip.

★ Choose Jewelry for Your Summer Looks:

summer women jewelry
Image by: Pixnio

As this guide shows, it’s important not to choose jewelry as an afterthought when putting together your summer looks.

Instead, you should recognize how your summer jewelry choices can help you embrace and express your individual style. Even if your summer wardrobe is full of basics, your jewelry collection will ensure you look cool when the temperatures rise.

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