visiting beaches makes us happy

I have always been in love with the oceans! The calming waves from the seaside, and the peaceful yet mighty voices of the shore. Several times, I have seen such scenarios in the dramatic movies produced by Hollywood. But, luckily, just for once, I got a chance to visit a beach site. My experience was BREATHTAKING! And trust me, if I try to put into words, I might end up writing a long lengthy essay which is going to bore you! So without any further ado, let’s get to our topic already!

Must have often heard that beaches make us happy? But what’s the basic science behind that? Don’t worry; I won’t drop you into the theories of rocket science. Every single reason for this statement, ‘Visiting beaches makes us happy’ is related to our internal spiritual, psychological set. As it is said, ‘An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease’

Below I will drop a few of many reasons why science depicts visiting beaches makes us happy!

1. Your Stress Reduces On a Major Level:

visiting beaches reduces stress
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Water is not only essential for our physical well-being but also has been characterized the most suitable for calming our moods. Usually, the crystal clear appearance of water gives us feelings of peace and calamity. It vanishes away from the stress that has occupied our minds. It’s nature’s best stress booster, and hence that’s why the water at the beaches or from the oceans gives your mind ultimate peace and ease.

Researchers found out that the people living near the coast in New Zealand and the States had better psychological conditions than the ones who lived near the valleys. So whenever you get a chance to visit the zone countries, make sure to get a hotel room with an ocean view. So that your vacations can truly be the one you never forget about! Don’t worry if you can’t manage to do that, looking at the 3D images of seascapes and ocean waves can also help you fight stress and the uneasiness in your mind.

2. Levels Up Your Imaginative Power And Creativity:

Visiting Beach Increase Creativity
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Wonder why do most of the artists take their canvas near the seashore? Well, oceans and its waves have an incredible power of boosting your creativity and making you feel more productive than you are in your study room. Even I have heard people writing novels and completing their pending stories by the ocean sides. You surely have to agree to the fact that many of the world’s great and ideal people have earned their popularity by discovering their true being under the blues.

So, if you ever feel like you need answers to your English assignment, or have to complete writing your essay, or your drawing homework. Then try to catch up near the sea and see how that works! Well, you may not be able to deal with the Mathematics stuff by assuming yourself in such a scenario! 😊

3. Helps People Fighting With Depression:

Helps People Fighting With Depression
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Counseling sessions are usually carried out in calm, peaceful places because a patient is more likely to speak in such an environment. Recent studies show that people suffering from anxiety and depression, along with their normal therapy sessions, should also be made to sit beside the riverside and talk to their mentor for a few minutes. It can reveal a lot of information that you wanted to know but couldn’t because your patient won’t speak clearly to you.

Researchers have also discovered that many couples disclose their inner feelings and long-held secrets when they visit an ocean side; the calming effect of the river blues prompts them to open up. Depression is a prevalent illness observed extensively in today’s society. Especially among teenagers and those too in the ages of 21-25. I would suggest you, people, to either go on a vacation to riverside once a year or if you are lucky enough to live near a coastal area; visit whenever you feel like need relaxation. It is a tried and tested experiment, and have made many get better!

4. Visiting Beaches Turns You Into a Happy Soul:

Sometimes in life, we feel like everything is going in the wrong way and that none can now mend it, and you have been gone far astray from happiness. Such feelings of ungratefulness and sadness can even lead to curses like suicides. Scientists have found that suicides have got a lead in our society because of a lack of communication and a bunch of misunderstandings. Suicides rarely happen due to fights, arguments, but instead due to mental break down and emotional wars going on inside the mind.

beach Turns You Into a Happy Soul
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Whenever you feel a friend or a family member fighting inside himself with his self, try to manage to take them out on beachside and trust me, they would feel much better than they previously were. Often visits might even change their perspective towards life and help turn them into better humans than they were before. Visiting beaches have the power to change the negativity into everything positive and hence attract people towards the healthy, better part of lives.

A study revealed that making patients visit virtual beaches through 3D equipment, lessens their pain during painful or heavy surgeries. So why not treat people around us through something that God has provided us for free? Let’s make this world a happy and a better place for every one of us to live!

I hope you liked reading this article, and guess what? I am already craving a visit to the beach! Well, I am going to plan another vacation by these summers. Nature is your real friend when you think you have no one around! Enjoy the beauty of the blues around you, and be grateful to God for endowing such blessings upon you! Goodbye, catch you until next time. And don’t forget to share your beach visits experiences with me, below in the comment box! xx

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