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What Does HMU Mean In Daily Life?

What Does HMU Mean

HMU stands for “HIT ME UP.” It’s usually used to say that contact me, Call me, Text me, or Follow me. In short words, it is used to tell someone, to communicate with you not now but later, or to remind you of anything. It is an abbreviation used by many people over social media. Many people heard it for the first time, and a sudden question came to mind what does HMU mean? In modern days many people use short forms of words while they chat. HMU is very famous on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, or any other way of communication where two or more people communicate with each other or deal with any agreement.

What Does HMU Mean?

Many people who have not heard the expression of HMU before want to know what does HMU mean? HMU stands for “Hit me up,” Like inviting someone to text you back with the time you tell them or the time they get or in any other situation of contacting you back. But there are also some more meanings of HMU because it is a short form, and it can fit any other phrases as well.  HMU can also be used for  “Hold My Umbrella,” but it’s not the actual expression. The actual meaning of HMU is “hit me up.”

* Importance of Acronyms:

The first letters of a word or a name written in capital alphabets are known as acronyms. Young generation’s most commonly used abbreviations. It is time-consuming when there is a short time, and you are getting late. These short acronyms will help you to leave a statement according to your needs. For Example, If you are getting late for a meeting and you have to tell your friend to call you or meet you later. You can use the abbreviation ‘HMU’ to leave a note, where ‘hmu’ means “hit me up.”

A distinguished acronym query is what does hmu mean? It’s almost known by everyone but still not familiar with the majority. HMU stands for ‘hit me up,’ not now but for later. It is used mostly while communicating and chatting on social media and websites.

* Basic Examples Of HMU Uses:

Basic Examples Of HMU uses

The young generation uses the word “HMU.” Many people of the old days were also familiar with this word, but in some cases, people are new to this word. And many people know what HMU means or stands for but cannot understand how to use it and when to apply it. People also use many other acronyms to save time, and they like to type abbreviations instead then typing the complete sentence. HMU can be seen as internet slang, viral over social media.

Here Are Some Examples Of HMU Uses;

Example 1:

  • 1st Person: Hey! Let’s hang out at the weekend.
  • 2nd Person: I am busy this weekend!
  • 1st Person: What about Next?
  • 2nd Person: Not sure yet, HMU later.

In this example, a person I offered someone to meet at the end of the week, but the second person said he doesn’t have time this weekend because he is busy. Then person 1 said, ok, what about next weekend then the person said he is not sure, but HMU (hit me up). This means he is saying he is not sure, but let him remind via contacting him next week.

Example 2:

  • 1st Person: Hey! John, I need your car where you are.
  • 2nd Person: I am on the road coming back home in a while.
  • 1st Person: Okay, just HMU
  • 2nd Person: Yeah, sure.

Many people use HMU in many ways and with many expressions. Many people misguided people about what HMU means is…!!. But the actual feeling is just about contacting the particular or any other person later. There is no wrong expression in it.

* What Does HMU Mean in a Text:

what does HMU mean in text
Image by: Pixabay

What does HMU mean when your texting? It is an acronym HMU “Hit Me Up” HMU, meaning in the text that someone is asking something from you, Just like Robert hit me up for the bike ride every Saturday Night. In this sentence, it means that Robert morphed to mean “communicate with me further.” Not just HMU, there are many short words or acronyms people use to minimize the phrases or words And explain their thought. Like, TTYL, BRB, TYS, and many others. TTYL stands for “Talk to you later.” BRB stands for “Be Right Back,” & TYS stands for “Thank You’s”. It can also use in uppercase or lowercase; that does not matter. But it’s better if people use it in lowercase because, in uppercase, it’s a little bit rude, like shouting online.

* What Does HMU Mean on Instagram, Facebook, and Social Sites:

social media
Image by: Flickr

This Acronym is viral over the internet on every social site. What does HMU mean on Instagram? Instagram is a social site where people communicate with each other, and HMU means on Instagram is “hit me up” It can be used in many ways like, contact back or contact when you get time. What does HMU mean on Facebook and Twitter? HMU is a famous acronym. It’s widely spread everywhere, and it is. Hmu is used to say to the next person get in touch with me later or sooner. Its basic meaning is “get in touch with me,” “Contact me” Call me later,” etc. Instagram, Facebook, and many other social website users use many acronyms when they communicate with each other.

* Some Other Uses of HMU:

Any acronym Is not specified for only one meaning. It can have one or more than one meanings. As HMU also has more than one meaning, like “Hold My Umbrella,” “Hit Me Up,” and many others also. It’s an expression that people use to indicate that call me later, contact me, or something like that. There are many other abbreviations people use over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Everyone uses it on every social media site or debates with each other. Like Lmao word is also very famous nowadays. As it is, LOL, it stands for “ Laugh out loudly”. It also means “ Lot of laughs,” but its meaning is clear. People use it in funny ways to laugh at weird stuff.


I hope what HMU means is clear now. HMU is an expression, people use it according to their needs. When they are talking about. They use the acronym where they need it. People also like to use short words or abbreviations. They can use it wisely when busy with other stuff and want to close the chat. Every person is using the “HMU” acronym nowadays.

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