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Famous Internet Slang: What Does LMAO Mean?

what does lmao mean

The abbreviation has played an essential role in a busy life to shorten the phrases and to save time. The new generation, or modern people, have often used acronyms. LMAO is one of them. If you heard it for the first time automatically, a question came to your mind “what does lmao mean.” The actual meaning is Laughing My Ass Off. Every short phrase can have more than one meaning, and anyone can use it according to their mood of speaking. People mostly use the expression when something amusing happens to them or when they hear or see something amusing.

What does lmao stand for?

It stands for “laughing my ass off.” It can be used when you are talking to your friends or family to express funny stuff. It’s a little bit offensive and not good to use for work or business communications. Another similar acronym, LOL, can be used to explore the funny stuff. LOL means “Laughing out loudly.” Mostly abbreviations like HMU, TBH, etc., can find used on the internet, in online chat rooms, and in text on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

* LMAO text meaning:

The famous acronym, lmao, means” laughing my ass off.” Many people use it when they find something funny around.

Here is an example of what it means in texting in communication between two friends.

  • Jack: Dude, let’s have a drink together.
  • Carl: Sure, let’s have fun.
  • Jack: Look out there, like the monkey is driving the car.
  • Carl: Yeah, lmao

* Example of lmao full form:

There are a lot of acronyms that use to explore the impression of funny. Like ROFL, LOL, LOLZ, and many others. The full form is “laughing my ass off” ROFL means “rolling on the floor laughing,” lol stands for “laugh out loud,” and lolz means more than one laugh.

Here is another example to explore what lmao means:

  • Friend 1: Hey Dude, what’s up? My mother ruins my favorite shirt. What do I do now?
  • Friend 2: Hey, really?? The red one that I ask for?
  • Friend 1: Yeah!
  • Friend 2: lmao

Hope the abbreviation What does lmao mean is cleared now.

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