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Sometimes Christmas, Easter, or even New Year’s Eve too can be really dull and fun-lacking. To top it up with some creative techniques to have fun with your friends and family, gag gift ideas come up as the first option! While there are too many available right there in the market, confusion regarding which one to choose is surely going to occupy your mind. This article today is spiced up with some exciting ideas to turn any event into an ultimate fun! Curious to check the best gag gifts for 2020 out? Let us start the run!

Best Gag Gift Ideas for Cheer Fun And Laughter

Introducing some of the most loved gag gifts for every type of holiday! Check these out

1. CASOFU Burritos Blanket, Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket:


Ever planned on rolling yourself and your friend inside a burrito blanket? Not yet? Start planning already! This giant-sized flour tortilla blanket is going to create a night full of fun and laughter and turn out to be the most perfect gift for the winter holidays. It’s not only cute but also incredibly soft and warm hence going to be useful for its purpose too. A gag gift that can be fun and beneficial at the same time is pretty hard to find, Right? It has got a huge size of 60 inches in diameter, big enough to cover a family of 4 people while they have some popcorns and watch a comedy movie. This blanket will also work in a good pair with customized wall murals.

Do not worry about the fading away of patterns or the shrinkage issue. If your machine washes the product with cold water, it’s going to last for as long as you wish it to last. Give this gag gift a try!

2. Custom Socks with Faces Change Men Face:


Know a friend who is too self-obsessed and wants their picture being printed on their products? This item can be the perfect Christmas gag gift, which your friend is going to adore as well! A pair of socks, all printed up with funny smiley faces of your loved one, exciting no? And it can even be more fun if you capture some embarrassing pictures of your friend and get them printed on their sock so that each time they open it up, they get drown in a series of laughter!

Apart from being cute and funny, this article is also very comfy. Thanks to the addition of soft polyester, which makes it absolutely long-lasting and easy to use as well. Want to experience one for yourself first? Give yourself a treat this holiday season!

3. The Original Toilet Night Light Tech Gadget:


If you are planning to play a toilet joke on your friends, this toilet light gadget can help you do the job. It is a motion sensor led bulb, which lights up as soon as a person approaches a toilet chair. So imagine, when it’s all dark around and your friend gets up in the middle of the night, reaches the toilet chair, and everything starts lightening up in colors of blue, red, pink, and orange! Fun, no? This light can also be very useful for giving potty training to the babies who do not really like attending the washroom.

For the elderly as well, to make their journey to the toilet safer, this light can serve as one great guide! It is easy to install as well and does not need any special equipment for the process. Once it is settled, it will stay in its place even without the addition of suction cups. Go and have a look!

TIP FOR PEACEFUL SLEEP: The original toilet night light has got properties that would not disturb your sleep, in case your roommate needs to attend to the toilet, thanks to its activated night light properties!

4. FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box:


Now here comes up an exciting prank idea, to scare out your friends on New Year’s Eve. This prank box has durable construction with a real looking spider crawling outside the box as soon as a person opens it. All you have to do is to give it to your friend and insist them on opening it, but do not worry! Even if they accidentally drop it upon fear, the box’s solid pine wood varnish would not let it break down. This prank is suitable for working with people of all ages and interests. But remember, this is a very old and famous prank, so some people might not react as much as you expect them to. No issue, you can look out for other prank gag gifts to try out on them!

Do give this one a look; cheer up your grandpas and grandmas using it!

5. The Potato Chip Snake Can Jump Spring Snake Toy Gift


For all your foodie friends and fam, this is the PERFECT gag gift that you can find around. A real looking chip you can offer your friend! Remember to not use this trick on very sensitive hearted people because that might drop into an ultimate shock. The package contains a real-looking chip can, with all the information as you would find on an actual package, even the nutrition facts! An 8.5-inch-tall snake comes out of the package with real illustrated graphics to scare your friends. On a lighter note, this may also promote the idea to stop eating junk foods, amongst your friends!

This is not a one-time prank; you can repeat it several times with one person by placing the snake inside some other can or box. It can even be tissue paper! Or maybe your toilet sink? Think of all the interesting ideas you can incorporate and play around with this fancy looking snake for as long as you want! There you go!

6. Slingshot Chicken Rubber Chicken Flick:


Planning on throwing a party with funny gag gifts games? This pack of slingshot chicken rubber can surely be one of the most interesting games for your pool party. It is going to occupy the participants for longer since they would not get bored repeating it again and again. To use this gag gift, you have to place your index finger in the hole present underneath the chicken’s head and then release it, aiming at your friend or some other target. It is going to fly pretty far and then get stick with one place for a while. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to watch chicken heads flying from one place to another all around the environment? Well, I surely can imagine the fun of using this best gag gift!

Listen up! You can also include filling the heads with water, so whenever it hits a person, it would spill out all the water upon them. I can not already wait to try this best gag gift for Christmas out!

7. Who is Out of Toilet Paper? | Prank Pack “Roto Wipe”


Another exciting toilet prank to throw on your friends! This is a self-customized gift, for you to place whatever you like inside it! It measures 11.25 x 9 x 3.25 inches in size, huge enough to wrap up inside one gift paper. You can use this box directly since it arrives empty. Initially, you have to select a gift item you want to give to your friend and then have to pack it up nicely in a paper with some ribbons above. The moment your friend opens the box, they will get to know it’s a roto wipe, and indeed a very embarrassing gift for anyone! But then when they open it to put it into use, they can discover you have placed their favorite sweater or pair of socks inside, which can put them into delight! This box also has got two yellow sidebands which read, ‘PRANK YOU’ to let your friend know that they have been pranked!

I really like this best gag gift, what do you think?

8. GoGirl – Pink – Female Urination Device:


Now, this is funny, but a really useful gag gift for women! A female urination device is handy to be taken outdoor, making it easy for females to attend toilets without even stressing out to find a proper toilet room. So, if you are going out camping or to the beach, put this tiny urination device inside your bag, and you are ready to enjoy as much as the opposite gender does! This device is made up of 100% medical grade-silicone and avoids splashing so that your jeans and shirt do not even get slightly dirty. It is reusable and sustainable too, and you can simply clean it using water or a wipe after use. Apart from this gag gift, some handy beauty tools for girls will also form up to be exciting gifts for females.

A revolutionary bathroom solution for the female! This can be one of the best useful and fun creating gifts for your female friend, so gift it to the one who loves camping and outdoor activities.

9. Archie McPhee 11761 Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle:


To make the pickle-pouring fun and creative, this best gag gift is instead a very interesting piece of art that your friend would definitely love! It gives hours of entertainment, even during the eating session. Being 13.3cm long, it has got a long-lasting replaceable battery, which can easily be changed at the push of a button. I am not sure which type of people would like a gag gift as such, but I think particularly children will find this yodeling device funny! Since it can sing too, so they are really going to enjoy its yodel in the middle of eating.

Give it a try and brighten up a children’s day! If you are not in favor of this one, you can also check out some great gifts to delight the little ones!

10. BigMouth Inc. The Original Toilet Mug:


Want to make your friend laugh every other day when they wake up in the morning and move ahead to a cup of coffee? This toilet mug, which is crafted on the idea of creating a small-sized toilet chair, is surely going to serve the purpose. It is not only funny but weird and interesting at the same time as well. Not only for coffee, but you can also use this mug for ice cream or snacks as well! Imagine putting it into use for chocolate ice cream? And your friend will actually think you have created a miniature looking toilet chair! I would suggest you try out this best gag gift idea with a tea-drinker so that they can put it into use every day!

You can also get one for yourself and cheer up your Monday mornings since this is an ideal gag gift whenever you need a laugh.

FOR YOU: Hey, do not gift this toilet mug to an elderly person since they might not love it as much as a teenager would! Beware of not spoiling up someone’s day when you plan to make them laugh.

11. Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets:


Here comes up a very funny and super adorable gag gift! If you are a fun-loving person, this set of magnets will look ideal on your freezer or any metallic surface which you have placed at your home. The set contains 6 magnets, which have horse, rooster, pig, bull, cow, and sheep’s butts! Each magnet measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches in size and is super cute to readily get stuck on any magnetic surface. It can also be a very cool Christmas gag gift; however, I think it can be a playing device for kids as well.

You can gift them to your kids so that they place it on their study table and get a dose of laughter whenever they feel stressed or burden after studying for long hours!

12. T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine:


Hang up! This best gag gift idea is going to make your day! Are you heading to plan a sleepover with your friends’ gang? Quickly get your hands on this prank master device and lighten up the night with cheers of laughter and screams coming from everywhere in the house. A remote-control fart machine produces 15 different types of fart sound and can even be heard from 100 feet away! It used a 9-volt battery, which is not included in the package, and you would have to get it separately. Be cautious; it may even give you a hard laughter fit, which may not be recoverable easily! Keep away all drinking and eating items away when you plan to throw this prank inside your room with your friends.

I can already imagine the fun; this best gag gift can give! Can not wait to try this out? What are you waiting for then?

13. Prank Pack “Bathe & Brew” – Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank:


A gift of laughter, perfect for your friend’s birthday bash! This is an empty prank box, which is particularly associated with ‘Bathe and Brew’ however contains a different item inside the box. It is self-customized and can contain anything that you want to place inside it. Remember, it’s a prank box that comes up empty, so you would have to make a little effort before considering gifting it to your friend. Get their favorite pair of tee’s and pack it inside this box, wrap it up nicely, and tedah! You are all set to surprise your friend at their birthday party!

The box is an actual looking product package and is sized 11.25 x 9x 3.25 inches. Give it a try!

14. Smack a Sack-Stress Relief Ball Sack:


In days of frustration and workload, the best gag gift you can give to your office co-worker or studying colleague is a smack a sack package! This gag gift can also create a lot of positivity at the workplace. You get a pair of gloves with two stress-relieving balls inside the box, which you can use to shred down your stress. The construction is sturdy and durable, and do not worry about the glove getting torn up if you hit really hard. The best thing you can do is to smack until you get a smile on your face so that all your worries and frustrations fly away to the maximum! If you want to make someone’s day, this funny gag gift will highly satisfy the purpose. It is sized 8.5 x 5.5 inches and can fit hands of all sizes and shapes.

Give it a look; you are also going to love it!

15. Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask:


A masked themed party if just not complete if you do not have an innovative and interesting mask with you to wear on your face! Fancy and glittery masks have been so common since ages; why not try out something different? This Wookie sound mask is an electronic gadget that produces sound when you open your mouth wide like a roaring Chewbacca, interesting no? You wear it to a party, and everyone is going to ask you to let them try it for once! It can also be a great gag gift for a Christmas party, and you can even get a bundle of these to let all your friends try it out.

So, what are you waiting for? It is now the time to become everyone’s favorite Wookie! There you go!


Getting ready to decide on the best gag gift ideas for your friend and family? Without wasting even a second, think it over and surprise your loved ones with the best gifts they could ever have! I hope you have got plenty of ideas from the list I have dropped above; you can mix and match and even create something new for this holiday season! Now leave it up to you to sign off! Good luck!

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