Nothing is better than giving a child a gift and seeing their little face light up. It is a delightful experience. But selecting the perfect gift can be tricky. Sometimes you need a little bit of extra inspiration. A fact that prompted me to write this short gift-buying guide.

The ideas you will pick up from there should be especially helpful. As you will see, many of those toys would please any child around that age.

Stuff for School

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School is a big part of a 6-year-old’s life. So, things like pens, pencils, accessories, and tablet cover that feature their favorite film or cartoon characters are usually winners. Just be careful to double-check what they are into before using this idea. At that age, children’s tastes can change rapidly. They can love pink for months, years, even, then suddenly loathe it.

Crafty Gifts

At six years old, most children like to explore their creative side. So, anything craft or art-related usually works well. If you are unsure what they are into, play it safe, and buy them a set of coloring pens. Usually, they will find a use for them, even if they are not into coloring or art.

Board Games

Any games or gifts for 6-year-old girls they can play with their friends are a good idea. Simple games or gifts for 6-year-old girls to pick up and put down again are best. Any game or gift likely to go on for hours will not appeal much to a 6-year-old. Simple games like Snakes and Ladders or Charades, or gifts for 6-year-old girls, work well. Story cubes are fun too, and they are a great way to hone a 6-year-old’s imagination.

Dolls and Teddies

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Children get interested in fashion and beauty at a fairly young age. They like to explore different looks and enjoy imitating the world by playing real-world scenarios with dolls. Dressing up dolls and teddies and playing shop or having a picnic is just as popular as ever. If they like doing this, buy them a new one or some new accessories for the ones they already own.

A Gift Voucher

If you know they like a particular shop, consider buying them a gift voucher. This sounds like a grown-up present to give a 6-year-old, but most of them will love it. They are old enough to understand the value of money and will like the fact that you feel that they are old enough to be able to choose their gift. Having their own money to spend will make them feel more grown-up.

Beauty Related Gifts

On a similar note, beauty-related gifts can also go down well. Colorful, scented bath bombs are a big hit. Alternatively, you could try making them together.


This gifts-buying guide provides inspiration for selecting presents for 6-year-old girls. Suggestions include school supplies featuring their favorite characters, craft or art sets, board games, dolls and teddies, gift vouchers, and beauty-related gifts like bath bombs.

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