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Every woman desires to look fresh and young. Who doesn’t want to age gracefully? That too without paying too many visits to the saloon. If you want the same, then you are like most women. Just a few years back, skin problems were costly to treat no matter whether you suffer from sun tanning, redness, acne, saggy skin, wrinkles or with any other signs of aging. However, now you can cure many of those issues yourself even sitting right on the premises of your home with the help of beauty tools.

All this has been possible with the advancements in technology, as now there are many cosmetological devices by which you can get fresh saloon skin sitting right at your home. However, with so many choices available how can you be sure what to buy? Fret not, because in this article after doing some thorough research we have gathered some of the most efficient, easy to use devices available in the market that are prima facie as well.

Beauty Tools For Every Day

Moreover, some of these everyday usable beauty tools are;

  • Philips VisaPure Advanced
  • ReFa Carat
  • Clarisonic Mia Fit White Cleansing Brush
  • Foreo Iris

=≽ Philips VisaPure Advanced:

VisaPure Beauty Device
Image by: Flickr

The VisaPure advanced is a premium skincare product by Philips. It consists of a sonic skincare brush that comes with a lustrous handle and charging stand. Moreover, it has touches of rose gold which makes it the most elegant looking product of this list. As far as its functions are involved; it comes with three attachable heads and two intensity settings.

It provides delicate cleansing with a facial massage and has a specialized ceramic head for eye massages. The brush of the bristles are very soft and give a gentle appeal to your skin. Also, these beauty tools have an ‘Intelligent head recognition’ feature, which enables it to adjust the intensity and timer settings accordingly whenever you change ahead. The best part of this device is the end results, which are quite satisfying; it will leave your skin looking luxurious, fresh, and smooth after every use.

=≽ ReFa Carat:

If people often ask you why are you looking tired? When it is your skin that looks puffy and tired, then this is the perfect device for you. The Refa carat is a hand-held device that you can use over your face and body alike. It helps in stimulating the tired and stressed skin by replicating the deep kneading massage that saloon professionals give you during a facial.

Moreover, this is a waterproof device, which comes with unique features such as a unique 360-degree multi-angle design that creates microcurrents and gently boost blood circulation, enhances the firmness of your skin, and improve your skin tone also. Refa carat is the best choice if you want to improve the skin along your jawline, face, underarms, waist, and inner thighs. You can also use it on your chest and neck. Plus, the best part of this device is that it comes with solar-powered batteries.

=≽ Clarisonic Mia Fit White Cleansing Brush:

Clarisonic Mia
Image by: Flickr

This cleansing brush is an ideal choice for everyday use as it is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry in your handbags. The brush is simple to operate, and it comes with two-speed options; the first one is for everyday use little delicate cleansing routine whereas the second one is a power cleanser option that you generally require after wearing heavy makeup or after a rough workout session at the gym. This cleansing brush is an excellent choice for everyday use as it serves the same purpose as an rf facial machine, leaving your skin looking fresh, smoother and brighter but the highpoint is that you can do it yourself in your home. It is available in two colors white and pink, and you can charge it using a USB charger.

=≽ Foreo Iris:

If you suffer from puffy eyes, dark circles or have eye bags; then this is the device that you need. The Foreo Iris is an ophthalmologist approved beauty tool that gives eye massage using T-Sonic technology. It can lessen the symptoms mentioned above of eyes in a mere fraction of 30 seconds per eye. It is made from high-grade silicone and offers two functions for the user; Pure mode and the Spa mode. Both these modes replicate the Asian finger-tapping eye massage technique. For skins on which the signing of aging is beginning to appear pure mode is suitable. Whereas the spa mode recreates a saloon massage right there in the vicinity of your home.


We hope that these skincare beauty tools will help in making your beauty routines more easygoing. After using these products you will be able to give yourself saloon treatment in the vicinity of your own house. However, if you want to look more appealing and gorgeous, we suggest that you should buy vibration machine weight loss. It will help you in maintaining your physique without going to any gym. However, beauty tools can help you to reduce the signs of aging. These beauty tools will help you in making your beauty routines more easygoing.

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