Privacy Policy

This privacy policy administers the way in which General Queen assimilates, solicits, maintains, distributes and uses personal information and other details obtained from its users. Users, in this privacy policy, refer to the public, who accesses the for research or learning purpose. This particular policy applies to all products and services General Queen offer.

Personal Information We Collect:

As part of our privacy policy, we may solicit and collate personal information from you. We collect it as you opt for Newsletter Subscription, access our site to read the informative materials available on it. These include product details, service information, blog posts, research material, user posts, and multimedia content.

In lieu of information elicitation, General Queen may collect, as appropriate, personal details such as contact details, name, email address etc. Users do have the leverage to access our website using an anonymous username.

General Queen only gathers personal information if you are willing to share it with us. We use this information in accordance with data privacy rules and ‘terms of use’ we highlight on our website. You have the right to not provide us with your sensitive information. However, do note that any non-compliance to information sharing may prevent you from using certain resources on the site or accessing specific parts of the website.

Other Insensitive information:

In accordance with our privacy policy, we shall gather non-personal information about you through different means. It happens when you access our website, engage in site related activities or interact with any resources available on it.

The non-personal information collated by General Queen may include the kind of computer or system used to access the site, technical mechanisms employed by you to connect to our website, IP address, ISP server details used for the connection, operating system and other relevant networking information.

Web Browser Cookies:

As part of our privacy policy, General Queen reserves the right to store specific user information for authorization purposes. Such details are usually stored in the form of cookies in a text file. These are also necessary to step up the overall user experience and your interaction in certain site activities & tasks. We store these data-rich cookies on the user’s hard disk by the browser. We use them for authentication and identity verification. The information in these text files allows General Queen to identify a user when they access a certain part of the site and next time when they use a resource or engage in any activity like subscribing to a newsletter.

You have the flexibility to disallow storage of cookies. Additionally, you may set your browser settings to notify, intimate or alert you when cookies are being shared, collected or stored. However, note that you may not be able to interact with different parts of the website or some options may not function properly if you refuse to accept cookies by General Queen.

Information Use:

You agree to keep information available on the website for use in compliance with the defined ‘Terms Of Use’. Any violation of privacy policy or information misuse may result in legal action against you by General Queen.

Why We Collect Information:

General Queen assimilates, elicits and collates personal information and other details from its users strictly for sharing, transactional and analytical reasons. These include using the details you provide in user feedback, comments, and blog responses to further improve our site and improvise it to add more meaningful and poignant resources.

We also use feedback to analyze user behavioral patterns on the website, page hits, and the specific needs of users who access General Queen for different purposes. This information also helps us understand how different users interact with resources and engage in different activities on it.

We may also share your details with the third party and affiliate sites for better user experience and for promotional or marketing purposes.

We may notify you of our recent products and service offerings through regular emails and newsletter updates for which purpose we primarily gather your personal information.

You will receive periodic emails that shall include new product details, upcoming services, general updates, related resource information, and recent highlights etc.

You have the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter or periodic emails by using the unsubscribe instructions provided at the end of every email. You can also contact us personally any time via the website should you opt not to receive any such emails in the future.

Confidentiality Of Personal Information:

General Queen makes use of state-of-the-art techniques to gather, store and process data, and apply security mechanisms to keep your sensitive information safe. These measures help protect against illicit altering, dissemination, disclosure, unauthorized access and erasing of sensitive personal information like your password, transaction details, username and any feedback or data stored on our website.

Whatever information is exchanged between our users and the website server is encrypted using digital signatures and is processed using an SSL secured communication channel.

Sensitive and private data exchange between GeneralGreen and its Users happens over an SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.

Sharing Of Personal Information with Third Party Sites:

General Queen makes use of third party service providers such as partners, suppliers, advertisers, licensors and sponsors to aid our business operations and enhance our blog’s productivity. These entities may also be responsible for managing certain activities on our behalf, like emailing newsletters or sharing surveys with our users. General Queen may from time to time share your personal details with these third-party entities for marketing, administrative and business purposes (after receiving your consent).