Magic and Your Child

No matter how much science and logic you bring into your home, there will always be questions around magic and fantasy. With such a large following, especially in young adult fiction, the surreal is usually something that people become fascinated with. When you consider the success of works such as Harry Potter or the Twilight saga, and how there are still die heart fans of those series today, it is reasonable to assume that, at some point, you may need to put reality aside and dive into the world of make-believe.

Unlike in the stories, there are no hidden magic schools or men in blue starred gowns with pointy hats who can cast spells and defy nature. Yet, there are those that practice their own forms of craft, even on a public-facing basis. You can use your child’s interest to explore these avenues, and even discuss why people hold these beliefs, and what they accomplish.

Psychic Beliefs:

While some of us may, from time to time, experience déjà vu, there are others who believe they have a gift to be able to foresee the future. These individuals’ predictions can not only be scarily accurate, but they can also put people’s minds at ease, and even help them to determine what choice to make in a difficult situation. The stereotype that you have to visit a small, downtown store featuring beaded curtains, incense, and a crystal ball on a silk cloth is also far from the truth.

Crystal Healing:

Crystal Healing
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Others who believe in magic in the real world feel like they can gain help from naturally occurring crystals. These crystals each have a meaning and a purpose. While there is no evidence linking crystals to medical miracles, you could broach discussions with your child on faith and positivity. Even if they do not help heal or protect, the real magic here comes with instilling confidence and security in the individuals that use them.

Nature and Magic:

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Another view of magic comes from the belief that nature guides us all. When you and your child consider the wonders of the world around you, you can quickly see where this thought process may come from. Some see nature as a miraculous thing. While it may not help them land a date with their crush, they may be able to look at the world from a different perspective and appreciate life a little more.

Following a scientific method of raising a child doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in more whimsy ideas every now and again. Studying people, their beliefs, and even looking for hidden meanings and morals can help your child grow up as a more compassionate individual and allow them to appreciate the little moments and magic that come in childhood and the world around us.

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