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Jennifer Zilin

Hi, my name is Jennifer Zillin. I am a tech geek and passionate about learning new things about the world every day. I am blessed with an inquisitive mindset, which eventually gave birth to General Queen. Since the start of this blog, I have endeavored to share practical tips and inspiration to help you in achieving your goals.

About The Blog:

General Queen is a platform that shares the various ubiquitous issues surrounding us. Our general blog acquaints our readers with the happenings around the world and educates them the ways they can use to make themselves and their surroundings better. Our site offers information on current affairs, lifestyle improvement, DIY tricks, health and wellness, tech breakthroughs, beauty and fashion, business ideas and more. General Queen is your ultimate stop for all the latest happenings around the world.

About Blog Sections:

  • News:

This section covers events and happenings from all across the globe. Be it the latest festivals or the discovery of an indigenous tribe, General Queen is always at hand to publish the most exciting and thought-provoking news.

  • Lifestyle:

In our lifestyle section, you will find tips and tricks to improve your home’s appeal. How a change of curtains and a fix of wall paint can make all the difference? We also explore the best attractions in the world and share practical tips to make your journeys convenient and fun.

We all love pets, don’t we? In our pets section, we talk about training your pets, feeding them with their favorite meals, taking them out for a walk and much more.

  • Health and Fitness:

A few minor lifestyle changes can spark a positive change in your life. We share articles and listicles on diet, healthy habits, physical and mental exercises, daily routine and much more, so you enjoy a healthy and prosperous life.

  • Autos:

Our autos section is dedicated to those who are obsessed with vehicles. We review the latest cars and give you a peek into the future of the automotive world. Our tips allow you to make an informed decision while you are out to buy your vehicle.

  • Business:

Get all the latest insights into the business. Learn all about setting up small businesses, teach yourself the art of forex trading, and stay abreast with the latest from the world of stock exchange.

  • Tech:

Find the latest news from the world of technology; from the new smartphones to augmented and virtual reality making giant strides, stay updated with the advancements made in the sphere of technology.

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