Best Cardio Workout For Weight Loss

Best Cardio Workout

Cardio is defining the exercise with or without cardio equipment. It’s used to lose weight, burns fat, and it helps to stay healthy and fit. Cardio is not just for weight loss. It also helps to burn calories, gives more oxygen to our muscles, and helps to control heartbeats. There is a lot of best cardio workout that helps to lose weight and makes you healthy.

It is not wise to use every cardio exercise, the challenge is what you can do correctly. It’s a big challenge to choose a workout that you can perform comfortably with joy and safety. Making the distance between your exercise and using each activity at a different time can help you use cardio more preciously. There are a lot of workouts that can rate up to the heart and can make a great shape of you.

What is the Cardio Workout?

A heart is a cell, and a cardio workout is an exercise that helps to raise the rate of heartbeat and makes it stronger to work well. Cardio workouts make muscles stronger, and as a result, that allows you to burn fat, lose weight, and deliver oxygen to the cells of your tissue. And the exercise defines moving your body in different styles or ways to make the shape of the body. To keep the heartbeat rate minimum at 50%, cardio uses different exercises at different times. If 1 exercise uses more than its needs, it also puts wrong impressions on health.

Top 7 Best Cardio Workout For Weight Loss

Some of the best cardio workouts for weight loss and staying healthy are listed below;

1. Dumbbell Workout:

Dumbbell Cardio Workout
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A dumbbell is a piece of equipment used for full-body Dumbell workouts. There are many Dumbell exercises that can you use to lose weight easily like Triceps kickback, lifting arms, walking, and bench press while holding it, etc. While doing a Triceps kickback workout with Dumbel, you must put your knees on a flat bench. It will cause you to perform the workout with relaxation. The upper arm stays continue the exercise to maximize the triceps. Dumbbell workouts for arms are the best cardio workout One can do using a dumbbell.

2. Rowing:

Rowing Workout
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Rowing over the machine is a high-density workout for losing weight. It decreases by 840 calories per hour. Rowing exercise works with the biceps, triceps, and all the body’s muscles. Hold the handle, keep the wrist straight, and sit on it. Stay with a relaxing body and do not hump, and the wrist should be upward from the ankles. That’s an accurate position, and then pull the handle towards yourself, push your self backward, and then release. Repeat the process as long as you want a minimum should be 30-minutes. This is the best cardio workout that can burn fat more quickly.

3. Running:

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Running is a more efficient way compared to walking. A treadmill machine is the best cardio workout at home. It could be done over the treadmill machine at home or can be decided to perform on a specific path, maybe in a round circle or at whatever a suitable place. Running is a great workout that can make a good relationship between the action of the lungs and heart. It can burn more than 500 Calories and burn fat, lose weight, decrease belly, and make the muscle more strong. If you want to track exactly how many calories you burn while running, as well as things like distance and your heart rate.

4. Jumping:

Jumping  Workout
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It can burn more than 1000 Calories at every hour. Jumping rope is very easy and joyful as well. It makes the shoulder muscles stronger because while jumping rope, the shoulder muscles are in movement and work hard with the tissues of the shoulders. Jumping is one of the perfect cardio from the best cardio workout. Jumping rope is the ability to do something and includes power, focus, and a rate of patience.

5. Walking:

Image by: Pixabay

Walking is one of the most comfortable and straightforward ways of a cardio workout. It is the lowest form of exercise and also perfect for beginners as well it burns 300 Calories every hour. A walking workout for a beginner should be started with time planning a minimum of 3 times a week, then with time, should be increased or leveled up with another best cardio workout.

6. Reverse Lunges:

Reverse Lungs workout is very beneficial and safe for knees. It may not be effortless to perform it, but it’s very beneficiary for the health. To perform reverse lunges, stand with your feet & tighten the belly with a slight space between the feet. Took your 1st leg forward or back and move your body slightly downward to the floor level move your body down until the second leg reaches near to the floor level but do not touch it, and the other leg stand with making a 90-degree angle with a knee. Then, with the help of the heel came back to the holding position and repeated the same process. A reverse lung is the best cardio workout that can be performed at home easily.

7. Plank with Shoulder Touches:

It strengthens the arms, the muscles wrists, and the shoulders. This workout helps to reduce the back pain and improve your sitting and standing positions. Get down with the help of your hand in laying position face toward the floor just like the position of the pushup. While staying stable lift your one arm from the floor level and touch the opposite shoulder and then put the grip back on the floor and repeat the process.


Exercise is very important to stay healthy and fit. Health is wealth, and exercise makes you wealthy for a long time. According to our research, there are many workouts, but Dumbbell workout, Rowing, Running, Reverse Lunges, Jumping, Plank with Shoulder Touches, and Walking are the best cardio workouts. These workouts help to burns calories with high-intensity. People should try these cardio workout routines for fitness. However, I have explored the easy and more efficient workouts for everyone.

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