Most Common Police Dog Breeds

Dogs are not only pets; they also help us in our jobs too. There are many kinds of working dogs, and one of them is the K-9s. k-9s is the police dog breeds that law enforcement agencies select on strict criteria just like they choose their officers. Then they train them to become the perfect partners for their fellow policemen. K-9s are common police dogs that you see with police officers.

Police dogs are famous for their skills. They are loyal, brave, and very protective of their police partners. There are some breeds of dogs that law enforcement agencies use due to their specialized traits. These commonly used police dog breeds are specially trained to perform particular duties which will help them in assisting their police counterparts.

Functions of Police Dog Breeds

There are different types of police dogs based on the duties they perform, and some of these specialized duties are:

⇒ Tracking:

Trainers train such a way that police dog breeds can easily track criminals. Police dogs use their keen sense of smell to track down any suspect. Law enforcement agencies hire top-notch trainers to train police dogs for years in the field of tracking. Due to this extensive training of top police dog breeds, they can even find the most heinous criminals in no time. Therefore, K-9s are the perfect search partners of police officers, and without them, many criminals would escape.

⇒ Law and Order Enforcement:

Because of the training, all dogs belonging to police dog breeds can quickly assist their police partners in controlling law & order. Police dog guard prisons, high profile buildings when there are some VIP movements, airports, etc. They are well trained in chasing, capturing, and holding suspects.

⇒ Detection of Suspicious Substances:

Another prime duty for which the best police dog breeds train is substance detection. These are the police dogs that can smell any questionable material from a distance. These dogs are experts in finding hidden bombs and other explosives. They can locate them out by sniffing and point out their direction, which helps in diffusing them. Other police dogs are experts in sniffing out drugs. They train them in such a way that these dogs can quickly tell if there is any drug or illegal material in luggage or not.

⇒ Cadaver Dogs:

Cadaver dogs are that breed of police dogs that get trained for finding dead bodies. These dogs can sniff out corpses from any location. These dogs play a vital role in murder investigations. These police dog breeds generally include Beagle, German Shepherd, Labrador, and many others.

Most Common Police Dog Breeds

There are many good breeds of dogs, but to make it in the police force you have to be the best. These are the police dog breeds which are undoubtedly the best among the rest.

  • German Shepherd:

German Shepherd police dog
Image by: Flickr

German Shepherds have always been the top choice as a police dog. This breed is undeniably the Cop dog breed that has all the traits required in a perfect K9. German Shepherds make great police dogs because they are intelligent, bold, fast, full of enthusiasm, making them ideal for K9 duties. Moreover, they are quite easy to train when it comes to K9 tasks.

  • Labrador Retrievers:

Labrador Retrievers Police dog
Image by: Flickr

Labradors are the friendliest dogs that love to be around their owners. They are an all-purpose dog that can help with everything. The police use Labradors to detect explosives, narcotics, and other suspicious materials by sniffing, scratching, or digging up. Through proper training, Labradors ca turn into top-notch narcotics detectors because of their smelling instincts.

  • Belgian Malinois:

Belgian Malinois k9 police dog
Image by: Wikimedia

Belgian Malinois is one of the most efficient sniffers that you can find in dogs. That’s what makes Belgian Malinois the perfect pick as a K9. After proper training, the Belgian Malinois can find any bomb or drug that the police are searching for in no time due to their amazingly strong sense of smell. Apart from this Belgian Malinois have a strong sense of protection too, which makes them an excellent choice as top police dog breeds.

  • Dutch Shepherd:

Dutch Shepherd police dogs
Image by: Flickr

They look just like the German Shepherds in their colors and size. The law enforcement agencies extensively use them in rescue and search operations. They are very athletic and intelligent. They can work as a police dog, tracking dog, sports dog and even as a herding dog.

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  • Boxer:

Boxer police dogs
Image by: Flickr

Boxers are one of those dogs that can serve as police dog breeds. They are highly active, full of energy, intelligent, and loyal. People breed boxers to be guard dogs due to their protective instincts, which are very helpful in guarding their owner’s family.

  • Rottweiler:

Rottweiler cop dogs
Image by: Flickr

Rottweilers are one of those dog breeds that serve as the best guard dogs, which also makes them suitable as one of the police dog breeds. During WW1 & WW2 they served as messenger dogs. They are giant but loyal, friendly, and obedient. Rottweilers are very intelligent; therefore, training them is quite easy. Rottweilers make a perfect police partner due to their instincts, which makes them one of the right breeds of police dogs.

  • Blood Hound:

Blood Hound dogs
Image by: Flickr

The bloodhounds are world renown for their eminent sense of smell. They are perfect dogs to sniff out any human or drug scent that you want to track. Bloodhounds were the first dogs that law enforcement agencies used back in 1805 in England. Initially, bloodhounds use to search for poachers and thieves. Whenever you give any scented material to a bloodhound, it immediately makes an image of that scent in its mind, which helps him to search for it.

  • Beagle:

Beagle dog
Image by: Pixabay

The Beagles were the hunter dogs that hunters used for hunting fox, rabbits, ducks, etc. they are not as strong as the shepherds, but their sense of smell is outstanding. Thus, they make excellent police substance detection dogs that can sniff out any suspicious material. Moreover, these dogs are amiable and learn fast.


People ask these questions about police dogs:

Q: What breed are police dogs?

There are many breeds of dogs that can serve as police dog breeds. Some of the most favorite ones are; German shepherds, Labradors, Rottweilers, Boxers, beagle, and others.

Q: What type of dog does police use?

Police can use any dog of a good breed that is vigilant, sharp and has a good sense of smell.

Q: Why are German Shepherds police dogs?

German shepherds are the most popular police dog breed. The use of German Shepherds as police dogs is widespread due to their traits. German Shepherds are intelligent, fast, and easy to train due to which law enforcement agencies prefer them over other breeds.

Q: Can you pet a Police dog?

Yes, you can pet a police dog but with the permission of its accompanying officers. It is advisable not to pet a working dog because you can distract it by petting.

Q: Do Police dogs bite?

Yes, police dogs bite because they’re trained to bite hold their suspects by biting their torso. Typically, a police dog will not let go of its suspect until the officer commands him to do so.

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