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Summers are just around the corner, and the prime concern of all the fashionistas is what’s going to be ‘in’ this year and what’s not? As far as hairstyles are concerned, we have compiled a complete list for you that will surely help you in staying chic and modish this year. After intriguing some of the top hairstylists here are the trending hairstyles, hair colors, and hair accessories that you are going to see a lot this year.

Upcoming Trending Hairstyles for Girls

This year is going to be a year of some extreme hairstyling contrary to 2018 which was a year of natural textures and no-fuss hairstyles.

Let’s see the upcoming hair trends:

* Going Blonde:

Going Blonde Hairstyle
Image by: Maxpixel

Blonde is going to be a big ‘in’ this summer. As the famous cliché goes “summer is the best time to go blonde.”This year you will see a lot of more blond-haired people than brown-haired persons, this has become more apparent from the fashion shows and other red-carpet events where you can see that numerous celebrities have gone blonde. Women generally try lighter shades during warmer months to beat the heat.

If you are not a blonde person, it means if you do not look good in blonde hair then try a different shade. If you are up for dying your hair drastically, then go for platinum, silver, powder blue, or smoky pink, etc. this season.

* Textured Bobs:

Textured Bobs trending hairstyles
Image by: Maxpixel

Bobs are as usual back in fashion. Textured Bobs are trending hairstyles of this summer as you can see on Dua Lipa; The famous songwriter. You can easily carry this old school bob look by texturing your hair using a straightener or a curler and go looking a la mode in no time.

* Beachy Waves:

Beachy Waves Curly Hairstyles
Image by: Pexels

This look is sassy and easy to maintain. These waves are similar to the wavy texture of your hair when you wake up after a long sleep. ‘This is the ultimate L.A chic look’ according to the celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan. Moreover, the best part of this hairstyle is that it quickly goes with all sorts of clothes from jeans with tees to short summer dresses. To make this look all you need to do is to curl your hair slightly using a curler and finish this look by spraying hairspray on the locks.

* High Ponytail:

High Ponytai hairstyles
Image by: Pexels

This Epic yet simple hairstyle of the ’90s is back this season. You must have seen this look lately on Bella Hadid on the unveiling of her Bulgari billboard. This look is quite simple to make and carry. Also, Looks so elegant.

* Engirdling With a Scarf:

Engirdling With a Scarf
Image by: Pxhere

Hair and scarf have been romanticizing for ages and this summer the boho look is back. It is quick, convenient, and trendy. You can use any scarf you want from designer scarfs to old floral-patterned ones; you can wear whatever you like. There’s no hairstyle restriction as well you can do your hair as you desire; from hair all up to open hair using a scarf as a band with fringes in or out.

* Messy Buns:

Messy Buns trending hairstyles
Image by: Pexels

This casual look became trending after the royal princess Meghan Markle wore it during the Wimbledon. This look is ideal for summers, and it suits all face types. Moreover, another plus point of this look is that you can easily make it on your own.

* Micro Braids:

Micro Braids Hairstyles
Image by: Pexels

You must have seen the revival of micro braids during various fashion shows of SS19. Micro braids were everywhere from Dion Lee, Preen to Bora Aksu. You can use these micro braids to enhance the volume of your hair, or you can braid your hair across the partings to give you a glamorous appeal.

* Retro is Back:

This season is seeing the revival of the classic retro styles from the ’60s and ’70s. You will see many trending hairstyles inspired by this classic feminine era, which includes fringes from the ’60s, shaggy cut from the ’70s and the bob of ’90s. You can play with this look by combing the retro styles with a bit of modernish lengths or with heavy bangs.

* Colored Tips:

If you are a brunette, then this is the perfect season to play a little with colors. The brunette hair with colored tips is trending hairstyles this year. You can go as much funky as you want to by dying your tips in stunning colors. You can go for anything from neon blue to chocolate plum or can even go for shocking pink. It will also give your outdated ombre a new life.

Hair Accessories:

Along with revival of classic retro trending hairstyles and new hues of hair colors, another thing that is trending this season are the hair accessories and beauty tools. This season many kinds of hair trending accessories and some of them are:

  • Hat Bands:

It is technically a newer item in the market. A hatband is a band that is so broad that it looks like as if you’re wearing a hat on your head. This season they are ‘in’ as you must have seen on Prada runways during the SS19 or on Princess Kate.

  • Black Bows:

From Royals to red-carpets velvet or satin bows are everywhere. If you want to invest in one hair accessory that forever makes it is a black velvet or satin bow.

We hope that these styling insights will help you in looking chic this season. For more updates on the latest fashion trends, Please Visit General Queen!

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