Trending Hairstyles for Girls

In our fast-paced lives, where the unexpected often becomes the norm, effortlessly switching up your look becomes valuable. Whether it’s a spontaneous party or an unforeseen date night, having an arsenal of cute and trending hairstyles for girls that are easy to achieve and versatile for any occasion is a game-changer. From short hair to long locks, there’s a perfect trending hairstyles for girls. Let’s delve into the intricate details of the best 12 trending hairstyles for girls that promise not just a change of appearance but a transformation of confidence and style.

1. Birkin Bangs With a Headband

This playful and dynamic style tailored for banged or bobbed hair is fun and versatile, seamlessly transitioning from day to night easily.

  • Begin by meticulously sectioning your bangs, ensuring precision. Lightly curl the ends with a flat iron, imparting a subtle yet glamorous texture.
  • Extend the elegance by curling the remaining hair, adding depth and dimension to your overall look.
  • Elevate the style by carefully choosing and applying a headband, transforming your hairstyle into a fashion statement.

2. Bubble Bangs

This captivating hairstyle is perfect for those yearning to embrace the Y2K-inspired trend, offering a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

  • Artistry begins with a precise parting of a thin section of hair at the hairline. Subsequently, secure it down the middle with a commitment to symmetry.
  • This look’s distinctive feature involves strategically placing elastic bands to create a bubble effect. Additionally, gently tugging on the hair between each band results in a captivating and playful look.

3. Bun With Zig-Zag Part and Two Strand Bangs

This hairstyle effortlessly marries glamorous appeal with Y2K vibes, showcasing the fusion of classic and contemporary elements.

  • Employ a parting comb to meticulously craft a zigzag line, introducing an element of edginess to the hairstyle.
  • Elevate the glamour by securing the parted hair into a meticulously crafted bun, achieving a blend of sophistication and chic aesthetics.
  • The finishing touch involves using a wand to delicately curl the loose ends of the hair, infusing a touch of modern romance.

4. Slicked Back Bun

Allow your face and outfit to command attention with this quick yet effortlessly stylish slicked-back bun, striking the perfect balance between chic and casual.

  • Start by parting your hair down the middle, setting the stage for a sleek and refined look.
  • Brush your hair back into a low bun, leaving out some hair around the perimeter of your hairline for a touch of artful disarray.
  • Enhance the allure by applying a dime-sized amount of product to the exposed hair. Subsequently, wrap it around your index finger to create a loose coil near your ears, introducing a subtle yet intentional flair.

5. High Ponytail

Channel the vintage mod vibes with a high ponytail that effortlessly marries sophistication with a touch of retro charm.

  • Begin by meticulously styling your baby’s hair, adding a level of precision and polish to the overall look.
  • Slick the remaining hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a ponytail holder, ensuring a seamless blend of sleekness and elevation.
  • Introduce a clip-in ponytail for added volume and drama, seamlessly integrating it with your natural hair.
  • Perfect the look by using a curling iron to delicately bump the ends of the clip-in ponytail, adding a touch of vintage-inspired glamour.

6. Two Bangs Low Bun

If you’re seeking to dress up a classic hairstyle, a low bun with two bangs is your best bet, effortlessly blending timeless charm with contemporary allure.

  • Begin by parting your hair down the middle and carefully pulling out two small strands for your bangs, ensuring a balanced and symmetrical framing of the face.
  • Brush the remaining hair into a ponytail and artfully wrap the ends to create a bun, striking the perfect balance between casual and refined.
  • Infuse a touch of modern romance by using a wand to lightly curl your bangs, adding a soft and elegant dimension to the overall look.

7. Braided Bun

This look serves as a testament to the enduring elegance of simplicity, effortlessly merging simplicity and sophistication into a timeless braided bun.

  • Begin by applying moderate gel to your hair, ensuring a sleek and polished base for the ensuing braiding process.
  • Brush your hair into a high ponytail, ensuring precision and neatness.
  • Execute the braiding process, meticulously braiding your ponytail. Once complete, wrap the braid into a bun and secure it with a hairpin, achieving an aesthetic that seamlessly combines simplicity and sophistication.

8. Side Braid

Mastering the side braid unlocks a versatile solution for unruly hair, transforming a seemingly casual look into a stylish and purposeful choice for any occasion.

  • Begin by parting your hair to one side and elegantly bring the rest over your shoulder, opposite the side of your hair part.
  • Comb the hair that frames your face into a curved swoop, strategically using bobby pins to secure the section near your ear. Repeat on the other side, ensuring a balanced and polished appearance.
  • To maintain the structure and hold of the braid, spray hairspray onto the bottom half of your hair, creating a foundation for the subsequent braiding process.
  • Execute the braiding process precisely, ensuring each section is smooth as you progress. Finally, tie off the braid with a clear elastic, achieving a side braid that combines style and functionality effortlessly.

9. Braided Top Knot

This romantic bun, characterized by its braided foundation, epitomizes elegance and grace, making it an ideal choice for a date night or a sophisticated party.

  • Initiate the styling process by pulling your hair into a high ponytail, ensuring a sleek and polished base for the ensuing braiding process.
  • Divide your ponytail into two sections, embarking on the braiding journey. Braid each section all the way down, securing the ends with elastics to maintain the structure.
  • The defining feature of this hairstyle involves wrapping the braids around each other in opposite directions, creating a visually captivating and intricate pattern. Secure the final result with bobby pins, ensuring a secure and polished appearance.

10. Wrapped Pigtails

This playful yet chic look seamlessly combines simplicity with eye-catching elegance, offering a style that’s not only easy to achieve but cute enough to turn heads and spark curiosity.

  • Create a straight part down the middle of your head, showcasing precision and attention to detail.
  • Pull out two strands from each side, framing your face delicately and adding a touch of whimsy to the overall look.
  • Brush each section into a low ponytail, securing it with a ponytail holder. Adding braiding transforms the simplicity into a more intricate and visually captivating style.
  • Continue by braiding the remaining hair until you reach the end, showcasing precision and dedication to detail. Wrap each braid around itself until reaching the top of your ponytail, securing it with a hair tie. This wrapping technique adds a layer of sophistication and completes the look, making it a playful yet chic choice for any occasion.

11. Beachy Waves

Capture the essence of beachy waves without the need for a seaside retreat with this adorable and versatile style that can be rocked year-round.

  • Begin by applying a generous amount of sea salt spray to your hair, creating a foundation for the effortless and tousled waves that define this look.
  • Comb and shape your hair with care, ensuring that the sea salt spray is evenly distributed and that your hair is ready to embrace its natural texture.
  • Allow your hair to air dry, enabling the sea salt spray to work its magic and deliver a beachy, textured finish that exudes effortless allure.

12. Crossover Low Ponytail

This casual and cute ponytail style offers a unique twist, making it easy to achieve and a delightful addition to your repertoire of go-to looks.

  • Part your hair down the middle, setting the stage for a balanced and symmetrical appearance.
  • Leave two sections sectioned off at the front, emphasizing the intentional messiness of the overall look. Spray these front sections with hairspray, laying down any flyaways for a polished finish.
  • Cross one section over the low ponytail to the other side, securing it in place with a bobby pin. Repeat the process with the other section, ensuring that the bobby pins are strategically tucked in for an invisible hold. This crossover technique adds a touch of chic elegance to an otherwise casual ponytail, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.


With these trending hairstyles for girls, you’re equipped for any occasion and ready to make a lasting impression. These trending hairstyles offer a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, ensuring girls effortlessly switch up their looks with confidence and flair. From playful bubble bangs to timeless classic braids, each hairstyle is a work of art that can be tailored to suit various hair types and lengths. So, the next time you receive that unexpected invitation, rest assured that you can confidently switch up your look quickly, leaving a lasting impression wherever your day or evening takes you.


Can these hairstyles work for any hair type?

Absolutely! These hairstyles are designed to be versatile and can be adapted to suit different hair types, including straight, curly, or wavy.

How long does it take to achieve these hairstyles?

The time required varies, but most of these styles can be comfortably executed within 15-30 minutes, making them perfect for those last-minute plans and unexpected events.

Are there specific products needed for these hairstyles?

While these hairstyles can be achieved with minimal products, using styling aids such as hair gel, hairspray, and sea salt spray can enhance the overall look and hold of the styles.

Can these hairstyles be worn for formal occasions?

Certainly! Many of these hairstyles, such as braided buns and updos, carry an inherent elegance that makes them suitable for formal events, adding a touch of glamour to your ensemble.

Can these styles be adapted for shorter hair?

Yes, most of these hairstyles are versatile and can be adapted for shorter hair with slight modifications, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the trendy looks.

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