Best Hair Straightening Methods
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Hair is an integral part of the body and needs special care. A person always gets attracted towards change and keeps on changing styles of hair as well as their look. The hair straightening technique (also called rebounding in Southeast Asia) has been in use since the 1890s, which involves the straightening of hair and making them smooth apparently.

Hair Straightening

Women are more interested in hair straightening than men. In the 1950s, it became popular among the black population, and started to use different techniques to make their hair straight. People use different chemicals, remedies, and devices to straighten their hair. As skin care products, hair care products are also available in the market in bulk. There are also numerous best hair straighteners available in the market. Modern times have introduced many methods of hair straightening.

You wanna know how to straighten hair? Then you are at the right place. There are different ways of treatment which include temporary and permanent methods.

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The temporary methods of straightening hair, done with heat, are for a few days and return to their earlier position after washing. These methods do not affect the hair color shades and natural hair type. The method includes:

> Hair Straightening Creams:

There are different straightening creams available in the market to straighten hair temporarily. These creams are also proven as the best hair straightener for a temporary basis. The most commonly used hair straightening creams include L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream, Matrix Opti Straight Cream, Streax Pro Cream, etc.

> Chemicals For Hair Straightening:

There are chemicals available in the market that can give shape to hair and straighten hair temporarily, but they can harm hair. These chemicals include calcium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, etc.

> Hot Iron Hair Straightening:

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There are many straighteners in the market, and it’s up to the person who can choose a hot iron straightener. There are the best hair straighteners of different types and materials. The most recommended straightener is made up of ceramic plates that can give hair a shiny touch. Hair can be straightened by using these different straighteners effectively and following some steps that include:

  • Cleaning hair by washing them with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Cold water should be used while doing shampoo.
  • Some serum should be applied to the hair before straightening hair.
  • Hair should be adequately brushed.
  • Straight hair by taking small portions of hair to straight hair excellently.
  • Straighter should not be extra hot that it could burn hair.
  • Again serum should be applied to give shine to hair.

> Blow Dry Hair:

Blow Dry Hair
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This is another method that is temporary and is preferred the technique to straighten hair. This method not only straightens hair but also gives hair a bouncy and voluminous look. This method is used most commonly as it does not provide direct heat to hair like hair straighteners. Hair can be blow-dried by using some practical steps:

  • Cleaning hair by washing them with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Cold water should be used while doing shampoo.
  • Some serum should be applied to the hair before straightening hair.
  • Hair should be adequately brushed.
  • The roller brush is used to blow dry and use the dryer from a distance.
  • Serum should be applied to give shine to hair.

> Hair Straightening Comb:

There are numerous brushes and combs on the market which can straighten hair but take a long time. This method needs to hold hair tightly from the ends for practical use and remove curls from the hair. Following steps can be followed for best use that includes:

  • Hair should be cleaned by washing with shampoo.
  • Hair should be adequately dried.
  • Serum should be applied for better results.
  • Hair should be adequately combed.
  • Hair should be held tightly from the ends.

> Use Of Bobby Pins For Hair Straightening:

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Bobby’s pins are used to straighten hair. It is a simple as well as time taking method and required a lot of bobby pins. The following steps should be made for the best results:

  • Wash hair properly.
  • Hair should be adequately dried.
  • Serum should be applied for a shiny look.
  • Some bobby pins should be used for better results.


Along with temporary methods, there is also permanent hair straightening home methods that can straighten hair permanently. There are different positive and negative points of these methods. These methods involve chemicals along with intense heat and need professionals to carry out these methods. There are three types of best hair straightening treatments which include:

> Hair Rebonding:

In this method, different chemicals are used to make hair straight. This is a little bit more risky method than other hair straightening methods. It makes hair thinner than before as well as dull. It needs a particular technique and must be done through a professional; otherwise, there are chances of loss of elasticity of hair.

> Hair Smoothing:

Smoothing hair is a type of treatment for hair care and makes hair smooth. It also makes hair silky and does not change the natural look of hair which includes Hair color shades. Less harmful chemicals are used in the smoothing method, so it does not harm the hair in a way rebounding does.

> Keratin Treatment:

This is the most commonly used method and is proven as the best hair straightener. Keratin is a protein part of the skin, nails, and hair. The addition of keratin in hair breaks its natural bonds, reduces curls in the hair, and makes hair smooth and silky than before. It also adds shine to hair. It gives volume to hair and gives hair a bouncy look.

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