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Cats stood by humanity’s side for centuries as trusted companions. People will do anything to keep their furry companions happy. Unfortunately, that includes allowing their cats to wander outside. Domestic cats are responsible for the extinction of around 33 island species. Each year cats kill over 2.5 billion birds.

As cute as they are, free-range cats are a serious problem for native species. Part of being a responsible cat owner means keeping them indoors. For cats who love the outdoors, there are safe options to let them roam outside. Cat enclosures are the perfect gift for outdoor-loving felines. Grab a notebook. It’s time to make your cat enclosure plans.

Why Your Home Needs an Outdoor Cat Enclosure:

Why Your Home Needs an Outdoor Cat Enclosure
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When domestic cats hunt, their prey is 75% native animals. Such a heavy loss in the food chain means there’s no food for birds of prey. The prey animals left behind are often dosed with poison that kills the birds.

More reasons why your cat needs an enclosure:

  • Car accidents
  • Human cruelty
  • Attack by a dog or coyote
  • Fights with other cats
  • Diseases
  • Fleas/ticks

Cats need room to roam to stay happy and healthy. The best way to give them what they need is to build an enclosure.

What to Look for in a Cat Patio Enclosure:

What to Look for in a Cat Patio Enclosure
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Firstly, you need to figure out how much room you have for the enclosure. Find a place with plenty of shade near your home. Measure the space and write it down for later.

Now it’s time to pick a style of cat patio enclosure:

  • Portable enclosure
  • Window enclosure
  • Cat patio enclosure
  • Cat porch enclosure
  • Freestanding playpen
  • Customized enclosure

Common materials for pre-made cat enclosures are PVC, metal, wood, and screening. The problem with these cat enclosures is that they are small. Outdoor cat enclosures built just for your cat give them more room. Some options turn your entire backyard into a cat playpen.

Finalizing Your Cat Enclosure Plans:

Finalizing Your Cat Enclosure Plans
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Whatever style of cat enclosure you pick, ensure it fits your cat’s needs and provides cat protection. If your cat loves to climb, install a sturdy cat tower. Shy cats need a cubby hole to nap in to feel safe and secure. Don’t forget to buy flooring materials for the cat patio if you’re building from scratch, ensuring it offers both comfort and cat protection. Choose a material that won’t heat up too much during the day. The grass is a good option if your cat isn’t allergic, and it provides natural cat protection.

Before you let your cats out to play, toss a few of their favorite toys inside the enclosure. The familiar scent will help them relax in the new space while enjoying the added cat protection. Supervise their first few visits to ensure they’re having fun and adapting well to the new enclosure. Give your cat enclosure an inspection once a month to check for loose boards, rust, or any holes in the screening that could compromise the cat protection it offers.

Cat Enclosures Protection For Your Furry Friend:

Cats are amazing friends, but they are friends who need to stay inside. Keeping them in your home or cat enclosures is best for everyone. With your feline friend safe inside, the native wildlife can rest easy. You’ll also sleep better knowing they’re well-protected.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your cat enclosure plans. Go ahead and make a realistic tree-climbing post. Your cat deserves the best. For more tips on keeping your furry companions happy, visit our Pets archive.

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