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We have been hearing this phrase over and over again. “what goes around comes around” How many times did we ever try to understand it? How many times do we try to understand that this can be significant in relation to our present life? This line and phrase simply mean that karma is here and past life karma affects the present life.

For instance! If you feel that you keep attracting the negative people in your life chances are that you have been negative in the lives of people in your previous life. Karma can affect you in so many ways and it is not going to leave you unless you heal it.

How Does Karma Actually Affect You?

How Does Karma Actually Affect You
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It is said that everything is energy and it is never created or destroyed. It doesn’t matter what kind of energy you created in your previous life, if your subconscious mind has the memory of it then it can come back into your life. We can take it this way. If you have bullied someone in your previous life, chances are that you are going to get bullied in your present life. Karma can affect us in so many ways and our past actions can make us suffer in the present life.

If these things are happening to you then chances are that Karma is affecting you.

  • You are stuck in your love life. You keep manifesting the cheaters even when you stay loyal to your partner all the time.
  • Lead a disappointing life and nothing really makes you happy.
  • At times you can get into depression and anxiety without any specific reason.
  • You hold grudges in your heart against the people who love you.
  • You have no faith.

Religions Believe in Past Life Karma:

There are so many religions that believe in past life karma. Buddhism and Hinduism are the main advocates of past life Karma. According to them unless the Karma in the past life is healed, the present life is going to stay disappointing. Now the question is, can Karma be healed? Is there any way through which we can alter our actions in our previous life? The good news is yes Karma can be healed and we will tell you how.

You may not want to believe this but everything is about the mind. The more healed the mind, the more there are chances that you will lead a happy life. If you want to heal Karma, you will have to heal your mind. How? We will tell you.

Make Friends With Your Subconscious Mind:

Our subconscious mind control almost 98% of our present life. The past life beliefs and sickness may be residing in your subconscious mind and unless you release these beasts, you are not going to stay happy in your love life. Subconscious is like a wounded child. This wounded child won’t let you sleep at peace unless you heal it.

How to Heal The Subconscious Mind to Release The Effects of Past Life Karma?

Effects of Past Life Karma
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What we believe we become. If your current life is disappointing, chances are that you are thinking about the negative things all the time.

For instance! If your partner is cheating on you then maybe you have been believing in this notion all along. Maybe this belief has always been in your subconscious mind that my partner is going to cheat on me. Chances are that you are attracting the past life Karma into your life because you keep believing the current situation. You have to change this very scenario. You have to believe that you deserve better, that your partner is not going to cheat on you. This is the only way to heal your subconscious mind. You have to believe that you deserve love. When you believe this, then this energy will automatically release the negative effects of past life Karma.

We attract the wrong partners in our life because we keep on believing that we do not deserve love. The moment we believe that we deserve it, that it is our birthright, the past life Karma will be healed.

Visualize Often:

quantum physics

You must have heard about quantum physics. It’s the same as past life Karma. It is said that our different versions are already present in the universe. We just have to vibrate on a certain frequency and we are going to attract that scenario in our life.

If you want to make sure that you heal the past life Karma then you have to visualize that you are already healing it, that you have healed it. You have to be in the quantum arena. You have to be with that doppelganger of yours who is healed. This practice may seem absurd but it is sure to manifest amazing results.

Visualize that you have healed your past life Karma and eventually you will.

Be Kind:

Bad things keep manifesting in your life because you have been unkind in your previous life. You do not need to do what you have done in your past life. You don’t have to repeat the cycle. If you want to heal the past life karma then make sure that you are kind.

Be kind in this present life to anyone you meet, to anyone you encounter, to anyone you love. Be kind in all aspects of your life and this energy will eventually heal the past life.


Almighty has a strange way of repaying us for our sins. He repays us in the form of Karma. If we do bad things, bad things will come back to us. To break the cycle, it is imperative that you do something different so the same results won’t be repeated.

Be forgiving, be kind and be accommodative to everyone you meet. Visualize often that you have healed your past life Karma and this practice alone will eventually heal it. Be a better person in your life so your future life can be happier than this one. Make sure that your future life is safe by protecting your present life with the energy of forgiveness and love.

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