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I wonder why do people consider anxiety as a disorder. I would instead classify it as a normal and healthy condition. According to my research, people who don’t get to experience anxiety are not at all normal. In fact, they are in a state of low-level abnormality.

Must have always heard of the phrase, ‘Excess of everything is bad.’ The same goes for anxiety too. Too much anxiety can lead to a level of mental disorder in real. And its routine occurrence can cause severe depression-related problems to the person experiencing it. Such a patient can adopt DIY steps too to get rid of anxiety, but concerning the psychiatrist in extreme cases would be better.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety in Easy Steps

Here in this article, I’m going to tell you how to get rid of anxiety in easy ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ steps. Follow me step by step, and I bet you would lose all the anxiety attacks that have conquered your mind and heart for ages. Let’s begin already!

1. Take Deep Breaths:

Take Deep Breaths to Get Rid of Anxiety
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This is the number one tip for calmness and relief from anxiety attacks. Don’t worry about the number of times you have to do it or even the rhythm of doing this; just try to exhale and inhale with concentration. This would help divert your attention and also release stress from your mind hence might help you to get back to your original condition.

2. Open up Your Chest:

When you think you are about to experience an anxiety attack, try to get up quickly and stand straight and erected. Open up your chest and widen your shoulders. This would transfer an excellent message to your mind that every part of your body is in control right now and would reduce your worries, too, up to some extent. In case if you are traveling or at a place where you can’t stand up, try to sit straight with your shoulders being pulled up and neck erect.

3. Try the 5-5-5 Game:

Try the 5-5-5 Game to Get Rid of Anxiety
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Though this might sound stupid, this exercise is an actual proof to your mind that all your senses are working correctly and are under your control. To divert your mind from any negative thoughts, instead, try to let three of your senses get active.

  • Look around and find five things that you can see and name them.
  • Try to hear the five types of noises you possibly can listen to and recognize them each.
  • Touch five things around you, or even your body parts and name them.

I am sure this little exercise would get you some relief until the attack disappears, and you get back to your normal condition. Don’t worry what the people around you would think about it, because for you, YOU COME FIRST.

4. Start Talking About Your Fears:

talk-with-friend to Get Rid of Anxiety
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I have mentioned here something that even normal people rarely do. But trust me, this can save you from a lot of trouble. If you have got a friend or a family member besides start talking to them about your fears or your problems or the state you are experiencing at that moment. If no ones available, grab a pen and a pencil and start noting down the thoughts that have occupied your mind. If that’s not possible too, then I guess every one of us has a mobile phone beside us at all times. Open up the notepad and start typing into it or call a friend if you want to. This one’s a bit struggling task, but it definitely going to sort out your condition to the maximum.

Do you feel alone? No Worries. Read how to deal with loneliness and live a happy life.

5. Watch Something Humorous:

Laughing-girl to Get Rid of Anxiety
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While in a state of stress or anxiety, we even forget how to laugh or all the happy things that we have in our lives. Laughing is the only medicine you need when you don’t have any other medicine. And I guess it’s the best therapy too. For an anxious mind, it has A LOT of benefits. It can calm down your anxiety state and make you forget all the fear that has earlier occupied your mind. Be sure to try it out!

6. Stay Away From Chocolates:

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Chocolates can further stress your mind; this is what research says. Avoid sugar when in a state of anxiety, or try not eating anything except drinking water. This is something rarely people know, and in case of anxiety, the person suffering from it is made to taste something sweeter, which is not the solution. Though, making him taste something sour, like lemon, can be beneficial.

7. Make it Clear to Yourself, What’s Actually Happening:

Make it Clear to Yourself, What’s Actually Happening
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During anxiety attacks, one may feel like he’s going to die or get a heart attack. Relabel it to yourself that you are absolutely fine, and this is all temporary and is going to fade away soon. Try mentioning such calming words to yourself again and again, and believe me, it’s going to make you feel much better than your previous condition.

8. Try to Keep Lavender Oil Near You:

If you were looking for an additional natural supplement, you can search for Delta-8 THC products which, rest assured, are not marijuana, but has many of the properties that marijuana can have, including helping to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as helping you sleep better. In recent years, the use of herbal products as an alternative way to combat anxiety has soared in popularity. Plus, nowadays, these natural remedies can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways, including oils, edibles, and even vaping cartridges.

9. Indulge Yourself Into Something Useful:

 Indulge Yourself Into Something Useful
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Find an activity that gives you peace, not marijuana that gives you high. Start cleaning your office desk, talk to your students, or make a sandwich for yourself. This would clear out all the negative thoughts from your mind and instead refresh your mind and calm it down. Doing an action would interrupt your pattern of thoughts and get you into a state of clarity.

I hope all these tips will help you get rid of anxiety. In case these tips don’t help you out, and your condition is very severe, try to consult a doctor and get some medications or follow a treatment course. I wish you all the best! Good luck, xx.

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