Residential security is vital to your family’s well-being. While many home burglary prevention systems are available, you can also take steps to keep your house and possessions safe.

Securing your home with a Houston locksmith can help you do this. You can get personal recommendations from friends and family or research a provider before an emergency arises.

1. Lock Your Doors and Windows

residential door security

The first step in securing your home is shoring up these most common entry points. Burglars are often able to break in through windows, even if your doors are locked. It is important to lock your doors and windows when you are sleeping, out of the house, or away for a long period of time.

Many people do not lock their doors at night and sleep with their windows open, even if they live in an area where crime is high or there have been break-ins before. This is a dangerous and irresponsible way to secure your home, as burglars can easily use tools such as power drills and crowbars to break in.

If you want to be able to leave your window open for fresh air but still be able to keep an eye on things outside, consider installing a door monitor or alarm that can notify you if someone is trying to enter the property through your windows or front and back doors. You can also enhance the security of your home by installing security windows screens.

You should also think about other points of entry, such as the basement or garage door, and bolster security by adding deadbolt locks, also consider putting in a smart lock that can let you give temporary codes to friends and family or your dog walker to come by while you are out of town, and then you can revoke access at any time using an app on your phone. Also, a well-lit house can be a deterrent to thieves who prefer to lurk in the dark. Installing motion-sensor floodlights, porch and garage lights that turn on automatically at dusk, and landscape lighting can all help make your home less inviting to criminals.

2. Get a Safe

residential safe

It’s easy to overlook the fact that your home is one of the most valuable things you own. Taking steps to keep it secure should be a top priority for every homeowner. While residential security cameras, alarm systems, and sensors can help deter burglars from breaking into your house, they cannot guarantee that your most important belongings will remain safe from theft. That’s why a safe is an important investment in your residential security.

Every bank in America has a safe for people to keep their money and valuable possessions secure. Still, many homeowners don’t realize that a home safe can also be incredibly useful. A safe in your home ensures that your most important possessions are protected from theft or fire damage. Designers create safes to be difficult or impossible for burglars to break into, and you can only open them with your password or combination.

If you want to secure your valuables even further, consider getting a safe that can be bolted down to the floor. This will make it much harder for thieves to take your valuables. Additionally, you can purchase a fire-resistant home safe. These types of safes are available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars.

Another simple but effective way to protect your home is by landscaping it with safety in mind. Having bushes and shrubbery around your property can help hide potential thieves. You can also install motion-sensitive lighting to deter opportunist burglars by making it seem as though someone is always at home. Additionally, you can use smart plugs and lights to manage your home’s lighting with your smartphone when you’re away from home.

3. Don’t Leave Extra Keys Around

Don’t Leave Extra Keys Around

While a spare key may be helpful to get into your home if you lock yourself out of your apartment, leaving them around can actually make it more difficult to keep your home secure. That’s because many popular spare-key hiding spots — like under the door mat or in a plant pot — are one of the first places a burglar will look. If a criminal sees your spare keys, they can easily use them to gain access to your home and steal more valuable belongings.

Leaving your spare key with a trusted neighbor is a more effective method to prevent it from being stolen, and this will ensure you never get locked out of your apartment again. Just ensure that you trust the neighbor and that they can watch over your apartment during extended absences.

Other than a neighbor, a friend or family member can also be a great place to hide your spare keys. Just be sure that they are trustworthy and that they don’t live too close to your apartment in case you have any issues with them keeping your key safe.

Besides friends and family members, you can try other creative ways to hide your spare keys. For example, you can deflate a spare wheelbarrow tire to make the tire look a little more out of place. You can also buy a fake plastic LB fitting at a home center and screw it to the wall to create a place where your spare key will be out of sight but not out of mind.

4. Hire a Professional


If you have any concerns about your residential security, hiring a professional Houston locksmith to assist you is essential. They will be able to recommend the best lock for your door type and security requirements and will install it correctly. They can also rekey your locks to ensure you are the only person with access to your home. This is especially important if you recently bought your home, as previous owners may have duplicated keys.

A professional locksmith can also help you secure your windows by installing pin locks. These are more difficult to break than standard window locks and will provide you with peace of mind if you have children or elderly people living in your home. They will be able to install these quickly and easily, so you can rest assured that your family is safe.

Burglaries are a major concern for many homeowners, as they can lead to significant financial losses. This is particularly true if items that hold sentimental value, such as jewelry or cash, are stolen. A locksmith can help you deter burglars by recommending and installing a residential security system that will detect intruders and sound an alarm when they attempt to enter your home.

If you are looking for a locksmith, be sure to ask friends and family members for recommendations. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from them and help you avoid scams. It’s also a good idea to inquire about additional charges, such as mileage or emergency fees, to avoid any surprises with unexpected costs later on. This will also allow you to budget for the service and ensure that you are getting the best possible service for your money.

5. Get a Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Home inspections are important for many reasons, including ensuring that you’re getting the best value in your new home. They also provide valuable education about the condition of the property, which can help you avoid costly surprises and disputes during the transfer process. A home inspector will check a wide range of issues, from structural problems to electrical safety hazards. They will also make sure your house has proper insulation and that ground fault circuit interrupters, which help protect against electrical shock, electrocution, or fire, are functioning.

Burglaries can happen at any time of the day, but there are some things you can do to make your home less of a target. For example, replace hollow core doors with solid ones that are made of strong materials such as wood or metal. If your windows are close to your locks, consider replacing them with shatterproof or reinforced polycarbonate glass. You should also trim away trees or shrubs that burglars might use as cover.

Hiring a locksmith who offers free estimates on-site is also a good idea, as this can prevent scammers from taking advantage of you. Also, choose a local company, as this will allow you to visit their physical location and verify their credentials. Lastly, be sure to ask about any extra fees they might charge, such as mileage or emergency fees, so that you are fully aware of the cost before beginning the work. Whether you’re buying or selling your home, these Houston locksmith tips and tricks can help to increase your residential security. Be sure to follow these simple steps to protect your home and your belongings.

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