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Basements, you either love them or hate them. When you think of a basement, a lot of people think of unfinished, storage, cold, and uninviting. But the basement can be so much more! Just look at basements in the many Redmond homes for sale, and you will see some effective utilization of the space.

With a small work, you can transform your basement into the most sought-after destination in your home. And it does not have to cost a fortune. There are many ways you can freshen up your basement with a little work and some help from YouTube instructional videos.

Maintain Your Basement Space

Here are three best ways you can maintain your basement space to make it cozy and warm.

1. Spring Clean:

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We can all admit that we hang on to things too long. If we go through our home, many things are adding to the clutter that we do not need anymore. However, this is especially true of a basement. If you have kids, how many forgotten tech toys, clothing, and games are hiding down there that you will never use again?

This can create the perfect opportunity for a yard sale, or to list your items on Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace. By selling your unwanted items, you are generating cash to buy supplies to help with your organization and help to create a cozy area for your family to relax.

2. Create a Den:

hangout place
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If you are like most people and need to use your basement for additional storage, you may be confused about how also to make it a hangout spot. The solution is simple – designate a small area of your basement as your den. If your basement is unfinished, this is an excellent place to throw an area rug down to define the space, add some comfortable seating, a TV, and you’ve got it!

Check out some of the organizational boards on Pinterest for some inspiration on how to redefine your storage. This could be utilizing your shelving better, or even reimagining how the whole basement is laid out. This is your chance to get organized!

Make your hangouts place more interesting by installing a unique carpet yourself.

3. Storage Space:

Storage Space
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There are plenty of underutilized areas that you can use for storage. One such place is under your stairs. This considerably underused area can be a godsend for storing things you would like out of plain view. Consider building some wall shelving to help you to organize this small space.

If you are handy, you won’t even have to hire a contractor. You could attempt to install the shelving yourself to save money. How much you can fit on some simple shelving units will astonish you. However, the goal is organization, and there is no point in shoving everything in there if you can’t find anything once you are done.

The purpose is to make all of your belongings more comfortable to access. And you should have a lot less to store if you have taken the first step and cleaned and decluttered your living space.

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