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Identify Raw Diamond: Invest in the Best Rock

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Picking out a diamond with no experience is intimidating; what if you pay a handsome amount for an ordinary stone? You must know Whether to buy a clothing piece from a retail store or a high-quality diamond. Diamond is not born sparkly and pretty; it is carved to perfection over time. If you are looking for a raw diamond for investment or to make things official with your fiance, we are here to help.

In this article, we talk about all the hidden hacks to identify a raw diamond. We deeply discuss what to look for in a diamond and tips to ensure you invest in the right piece. Let’s begin!

Tips to Identify Raw Diamond

raw diamond

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after stones in the world due to their sparkly appearance and royal look. You may have seen many artificial diamonds with fabulous sparkles and unbeatable cuts. It makes you wonder what a real diamond looks like and how to identify it. Here are a few factors that tell if a diamond is original or not:

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1. Look at the Crystal Formation

One of the biggest tricks to identify if the stone is a diamond is to look at the crystal formation. The most common stone that most people consider a diamond is a quartz stone. However, both rocks have different crystal formations that one can quickly identify.

Looking at the quartz stone from above, you will notice it has six sides, while a diamond has only four. On the other hand, a quartz may have eight corners when you look at it from the side, while a diamond has four. It is the simple trick that would stop you from getting divorced over a fake engagement ring.

2. Look at the Way it Fractures

Various things are telltale: a diamond is fake, and it is better to make the right choice initially. One of the simplest ways to identify if the diamond is fake is to look at how it fractures. When a diamond breaks, the surface is relatively smooth and looks uniform. If a stone has a conchoidal surface, it is a quartz stone. Every girl knows about the trendiest hairstyles and diamonds they want on their engagement ring. These small tips ensure you don’t get fake diamonds for your loved ones.

3. Use a Loupe to Inspect a Diamond

Different tricks are a tell-tale whether or not a diamond is perfect for you. However, the most straightforward trick is to watch a diamond through a loupe to see the minor and major imperfections. Each jewelry shop has a loupe, a type of magnifying glass. A diamond does not look perfect through a loupe; it is okay if the stone has imperfections.

Fake diamonds are crafted to perfection and do not have any bumps or lumps. In contrast, a real diamond has a few lumps and bumps known as inclusions. These imperfections and blemishes make the diamond perfect and real.

4. Perform a Hardness Test

Most people make the mistake of checking the diamond’s hardness by scratching the glass. Don’t try to use a glass scratch test to identify if a stone is a diamond. The only way to judge a diamond’s hardness is through corundum. Sapphires and rubies have a hardness of up to 9; if the suspect diamond scratches that, it is real. The scratch test is not always accurate; hence, it is best to perform other tests, such as thermal conductivity.

5. Do a Fog Test

A fog test is one of the easiest to identify whether a diamond is real or fake. Diamonds have a good capacity for heat and moisture dissipation. You can do a fog test by holding the diamond between your thumb and forefinger and breathing on it lightly.

If a light fog covers the stone, it is probably a diamond. However, you must wait and see if the fog disappears quickly or takes its time. If the fog disappears quickly, the stone is probably a diamond. If the moisture remains on the rock and disappears longer, it is perhaps not a diamond.

6. The Shatter Test

Diamond is one of the most robust materials on earth and won’t shatter easily. Like diamonds, most people want a personality that shines and an aura that does not shatter easily. You can do a shatter test on a diamond to identify whether it is real. The test is easy and a great way to tell if the diamond is real.

Heat the stone on high heat for 40 to 50 seconds and drop it in a glass of ice-cold water. If the stone shatters due to temperature fluctuation, it is not a real diamond. A real diamond does not react to temperature fluctuations and endures easily.

7. The Reflection Test

You can opt for a reflection test if you are in a jewelry store and can’t perform intensive tests. The reflection test helps you identify if the diamond is real through its shine or brilliance. A diamond has gray or white brilliance when you place it before the light. However, other stones emit rainbow colors when you put them under intense artificial or natural light.

8. The UV Light Test

The UV light test can also tell whether or not the stone is a real diamond. When you put the rock underneath a UV light, it should emit Blue rays. Sometimes, a diamond does not emit light or does not glow under intense UV lamps. Hence, this test is not definitive but can be accurate in some circumstances. It is best to resort to other tests to identify the authenticity of a diamond.

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Final Verdict

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When investing in a raw diamond, most people are concerned about whether or not it is accurate. To identify raw diamonds, you must run several tests to determine their authenticity. The few tests above are a great way to identify a diamond’s realness. Don’t forget to use these tips!

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