How often do you feel like doing anything when the temperature drops? Who wants to bundle up in layers upon layers to do anything? We know we surely do not! Sometimes it feels like once the cold weather sets in, like the bears, we want to crawl inside our caves and hibernate.

If you’re someone who always has to be doing something and you get incredibly restless this time of year, it’s the perfect time to consider these home improvement projects to tackle despite the cold.

1. Stop energy loss by sealing cracks and Adding Insulation:

Energy consumption tends to increase significantly during the colder months, and it’s always a good idea to do what you can to stop energy loss. Things like cracks or failing seals around windows and doors that don’t have weather stripping may not seem like that big of a deal, but you’d be surprised by how much heat escapes – not to mention how drafty they can get!

Go around your home and inspect the usual problem areas. Not only does this mean the windows and doors, but check the spaces around any ductwork, plumbing, and even in the attic or basement. With proper sealing (and insulation for the attic and basement), you might be able to save on your heating bill!

2. Get your Heating Serviced and ducts Cleaned:

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Along with sealing your ductwork, you should have your heating company come out and service your heater. They’ll check your unit to make sure it’s working properly, and the components are in good repair.

Also, you’ll want to ask them to clean your ducts. Cleaning your ducts will improve air circulation and may even help with your allergies because dust won’t be circulating through the house!

3. Freshen your home with a New Coat of Paint:

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Over time, the paint will get scuffed up and dirty. Parents, you know what we’re talking about! Now is the perfect time to break out the paint rollers and slap some new paint onto your walls or consider these wall murals ideas for your kid’s rooms. If you’ve been thinking about going with bold colors, be mindful that they’ll be difficult to cover up if you decide later down the road that you’re over that blood-red accent wall.

If you’re not keen on painting the walls, you can always refurbish some furniture that you may have or thrifted. Simply sand the piece, prime it, and paint it! If the piece has hardware like knobs or handles, feel free to switch them out with new ones, and it’ll be like you have a brand-new item!

4. Switch your Existing Bulbs with Energy-efficient LED Bulbs:

Another energy-saving and budget-friendly home improvement is switching your existing bulbs (halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent) with LED bulbs. The bulbs use 25% of the energy those other bulbs use, and they last a whole lot longer! You can also switch to LED bulbs for your outdoor lights, and it’s one of the top curb appeal improvements that doesn’t cost a boatload of money, either.

5. Replace Cabinet Hardware (Doors Optional):

Image by: Pixabay

The kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in the house, so of course, you’ll want to give it a little TLC too! You could replace the doors and go with a new style (shaker cabinet doors are very popular at the moment), or you could opt for no doors at all.

Should you decide to keep your existing cabinet doors, you can paint or stain them using the same process as refurbishing furniture. Even if you don’t want to paint or stain, you can give the cabinets a new look simply by replacing the knobs and hinges. Talk about budget-friendly upgrades!

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