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The eyes are the most vital part of our existence. It is because of these two little precious eyeballs that we are able to witness the beautiful hues and colors of this world. Without them, everything will be dark and gloomy. If you have the gift of sight then you must surely cherish it and take care of it. Our eyes are defenseless against harmful chemicals and adhesives. They are easily susceptible to infections. In today’s world of glamour and fashion, people try their best to follow the latest fashion trends or adopt various looks that they see on their TV screens or Instagram. Apart from applying eye makeup on the eyes, women are tempted to use extensions of eyelashes in order to give a more dense look to their eyes.

Although eyelash extensions look good on your eyes don’t let it trick you. These eyelash extensions are not your friends, but they are basically an enemy in disguise. One’s eyelashes protect their eyes from pollution and infections, just as armor protects the body from sword lashes. Using extensions of eyelashes can destroy this natural armor.

Can Stress Natural Eyelashes

extensions of eyelashes

Women frequently complain that after wearing eyelash extensions, their natural eyelashes lose a hair or two. This is because the extensions of eyelashes are quite heavy and not at all easy to carry by your natural ones. Our natural eyelashes are very precious and sensitive. They do not have much capacity to carry the burden of these artificial accessories. Wearing heavy eyelash extensions results in falling out of the natural ones because they are not sturdy enough to carry this much weight.

Allergic Reactions

eye allergy

Eyelashes protect your eyes from harmful debris and dust. When you apply for eyelash extensions frequently, you not only lose them, but you are also making way for the infections to invade your eyes and destroy their sight. Eyelash extensions are composed of silk and other synthetic materials. The adhesive that is used to stick these artificial eyelashes on the real ones usually contains a compound called formaldehyde. This can infect your eyes within no time, and you will not even realize the damage it can do to your sight. Your eyes are a gift from God, and because of them, you are able to distinguish various colors and witness nature’s beauty. Because of the sensitivity of your eyes, they are prone to allergies. Extensions of eyelashes are considered as weapons that do not shoot, instead, they cause allergic reactions. The less you use them, the better.

Cause Dryness

eye dryness

Moving on, the eyelash extensions can result in heavy dryness. It is because you cannot use any sort of lotion or oil while applying these eyelashes. Even after applying them, you have to avoid any sort of moisturizer. Hence, eyelashes keep you from moisturizing your eyes which in turn can cause irritation and redness of the eye. In addition, you may also feel like there is something irritating or some sort of dust particle stuck inside your eyes, but in reality, it is just the dryness caused by the eyelash extensions. Your eyes and the area around them require your attention and moisture every day. Instead of making them thirsty, you must provide them with care and provide them with the moisture and condensation that they deserve.

Makes You Dependent

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions may give a voluminous impression to your eyes. Its perfect curls and coating can surely tempt women to a great extent. They may look better, but at what cost? When you remove your eyelash extensions, your natural eyelashes have already lost their hair, and when you look in the mirror without wearing these artificial accessories, you get scared. It is not because you do not look fine but it is because you stop accepting your natural look. Your natural eyelashes horrify you because you are so much used to the fake ones. In short, in order to enhance your beauty, you start depending on these extensions. This usually ends up in regret, and there is no coming back from it. You must start embracing yourself right away and get rid of these fake beauty standards that make you prefer false looks over natural ones.

Can Harbor Bacteria And Fungi

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You may wear eyelash extensions to amp up your eyes, but it comes with another price, and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it or not. The adhesive material that is used to stick these cafes on your eyes can trap dust particles. In addition, the denser the eyelashes, the more likely they are to catch dust particles full of bacteria and fungi in them. This can cause itching or redness of your eyes and even cause dermatitis. Furthermore, this dust can affect the conjunctiva or cornea of your eyes. In addition, if you do not care about hygiene and use the same lashes again and again then that will cost you your eyes for sure. Most women take this for granted and do not even wash their hands before applying them. It ultimately results in severe infection or the burning of the eyes.


Each and every one of us has the desire to look our best in almost every situation. We want people to look at us and appreciate our beauty. Almost everybody has the desire to look out of the world and become the center of attention during gatherings. But this surely doesn’t mean that in order to look good for an hour or two, you will end up destroying your natural look. These artificial eyelash extensions will come and go, but once you lose your natural ones, you will not be able to get them back. That is why, instead of taking them for granted and destroying them with artificial lashes, you should cherish them and take care of them. That is the least you can do.

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